Solar Capacity

Grumblings From European Solar Manufacturers Start Over Falling Prices

At SaurEnergy, even as solar manufacturing has been incentivised, pushed and supported by every means possible, we have regularly highlighted the need to consider the sustainability of it all. Well, the first rumblings have already started, not from the manufacturers who are establishing new capacities, but from already established players in Europe. In an open […]

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1 Terawatt and Beyond: Solar Energy’s Unstoppable Rise and What Lies Ahead

Solar has come a long way in the last few years, from over 100,000 megawatts in 2012 to one terawatt now (1 terawatt is 1 million megawatts). So, what spurred this development? What were the factors that facilitated the achievement of this feat? We’ll be going over humanity’s journey to 1 TW of installed capacity […]

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EU Focus On Renewables Could Add 69 GW in 2023

The EU’s renewed focus on renewable energy is no secret, especially after the Russian-Ukraine war that started last year. New reports indicate that the continent could see additions of as many as 69 GW in renewable capacity, mostly solar, in 2023. That, combined with a high focus on bringing manufacturing back to the region, indicates […]

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Global Solar Developer Lightsource BP Marks Entry into German Market

Global solar developer Lightsource BP has put a new local team in place in Berlin. With this, the solar developer has forayed into the German market. With its entry into Germany, the firm has expanded its European presence to ten countries. Germany has set itself the ambition of 215 GW of solar by 2030. Currently, […]

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TANGEDCO Solicits Bids for 420 MW Solar Power Under PM-KUSUM

Tamil Nadu Generation And Distribution Corporation Ltd (TANGEDCO) has issued a tender that invites bids for 420 MW of solar power under PM-KUSUM Scheme (Component A). The last date for the submission of bids is 08.03.2023. The bid processing fee is Rs 5000. The EMD is Rs 100,000. The ceiling tariff of Rs 3.30 has […]

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Placement Record Of Govt Trained Solar Panel Technicians Far From Impressive

Several developments over the past few days have affirmed India’s commitment to clean energy, primary among this is the The Minister of State for New and Renewable energy, Bhagwanth Kubha, informing the Rajya Sabha that 123.11 GW of solar capacity had been commissioned or was in the pipeline already. India is now eyeing 100GW solar […]

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Five Asian Countries Listed In Top 10 Economies Powered By Solar Energy

Of the top ten economies powered by solar power, 5 are from Asia. This is a major breakthrough given that a decade ago, only two Asian countries were on the list, while European countries dominated the solar rankings. The Asian countries on the list have witnessed a decade of steady growth, accelerating its solar capacity. […]

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