Mohal Lalbhai

Matter Energy and Luminous Power In Partnership For Energy Storage Solutions

Matter Energy, the Ahmedabad-based technology start-up, has entered into a strategic partnership with Luminous Power Technologies aiming to create a technological breakthrough in the field of home inverters and stationary applications. According to the release, the solution would also encourage many possibilities of generating sustainable energy through domestic solar and wind power generation, storing, and […]

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Ahmedabad’s Matter Energy Unveils Geared Electric Motorcycle

A geared electric motorcycle was unveiled by Matter Energy, an Ahmedabad-based provider of integrated energy solutions. Orders will soon be accepted, and delivery will start in April 2023. For the geared electric motorcycle, the firm has great hopes. In addition to exporting to markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, it intends to open 200 […]

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On World EV Day, Startups Are More Optimistic Than Ever About The Future

September 9, designated as World EV day has come around again, and this time, we can truly say that a new sense of optimism pervades the sector. Yes, there have been the usual hiccups, including the not so minor issue of quality control over the Lithium ion batteries that power most EVs, but it would […]

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EV Tech Start-up Matter Closes US$ 10 million Round

Ahmedabad based Matter, a vertically integrated product tech start-up focused on electric mobility and energy storage, has raised an initial US$ 10 million in its latest round of funding. The round drew interest from a diverse set of investors including Capital 2B, a technology fund backed by Infoedge, Climate Angels Fund, and other marquee Indian […]

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MatterEnergy 1.0, An Active liquid-cooled 2 Wheeler EV battery Pack Debuts

Even as Battery safety is in the limelight thanks to recent incidents, Matter, the Ahmedabad-based technology start-up, has unveiled its MatterEnergy 1.0 battery pack. The firm claims that this first ever battery pack of its type in India comes with unique core characteristics such as an Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System and a Super Smart […]

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“An Electric Future Is Nearer Than We Think”, Mohal Lalbhai, Matter

Matter is a technology start-up set-up by Mohal Lalbhai, a scion of the Lalbhai Group from Gujarat know more for their textile empire. Founded in January 2019, Matter is a two-year old start-up that seeks to introduce frugal and innovative solutions in the energy storage space which would include batteries for mobility applications, stationary applications, […]

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