MIT, Standford scientists use machine learning for pervoskite solar cell development

Perovskites are a family of materials that are currently the leading contender to potentially replace today’s silicon-based solar photovoltaics. They hold the promise of panels that are far thinner and lighter, that could be made with ultra-high throughput at room temperature instead of at hundreds of degrees, and that are cheaper and easier to transport […]

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PolyJoule Promises Plastic Batteries To Store Renewable Energy on Grid

Battery storage forms a crucial link in the renewable energy system, given the intermittent nature of renewables. Amid many technologies that are emerging in the domain, Boston-based energy start up PolyJoule has created a battery which is made up of plastic – electrically conductive polymers – which makes the energy storage on the grid not […]

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MIT Researchers Create World’s Longest Flexible Fiber Battery

MIT researchers have developed a rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the form of an ultra-long fiber that could be woven into fabrics. The battery could enable a wide variety of wearable electronic devices, and might even be used to make 3D-printed batteries in virtually any shape. The researchers envision new possibilities for self-powered communications, sensing, and […]

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IIT Backed Research Tests Sterilisation of Medical tools Using Sunlight

Researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and IIT Mumbai have successfully tested an autoclave powered by sunlight to sterilise medical tools. Autoclaves are devices used to sterilize medical tools doing so by utilising pressurized steam at a temperature of about 125 degrees Celsius. Usually provided by electrical or fuel-powered boilers, the steam supply obviously […]

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Cleaner air During Lockdown Helped Delhi Generate More Solar Power: Study

Reduction in air pollution in Delhi due to lockdown may have led to more sunlight reaching solar panels, resulting in the production of more clean energy. Based on data collected in Delhi, a team of researchers – majorly from at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston – report that the reduction in air pollution […]

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Policy and Technology Helped Drive Solar Module Cost Down: Study

Policy support by respective governments has been touted as a major reason for this dramatic price drop With the price of solar energy becoming increasingly competitive each day, it is crucial to know why the cost of solar panels and solar energy storage have been dropping. This is what a team of researchers from Massachusetts […]

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This Solar Cell is highly efficient and can harvests more of sun’s energy

  A team of researchers from MIT and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology has developed new solar cell that includes two different layers of sunlight-absorbing material to harvest a broader range of the sun’s energy and that costs less than its counterparts. The researchers call the device a “step cell,” because the two […]

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