LOHUM Partners with UAE Govt for Kingdom’s First EV Battery Recycling Plant

LOHUM Cleantech, a producer of sustainable energy transition materials, has announced expansion into the UAE market to build the UAE’s first EV battery recycling plant through a partnership agreement with the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, UAE, and BEEAH, the Middle East’s sustainability and digitalisation firm. The partnership comes in light of UAE’s COP28 agenda […]

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RACE Energy & LOHUM Join Forces for Sustainable EV Battery Recycling

RACE Energy, a deep-tech electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure company for battery swapping, today announced a strategic partnership with LOHUM, a producer of sustainable energy transition materials via recycling, repurposing, and refining, to tackle EV battery waste and identify second life use applications. Aligning with the mandate under EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) guidelines for responsible battery […]

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First Ever Future Contract Written on Lithium Battery Space between LOHUM & Log9

LOHUM, a sustainable energy transition materials producer, based in India and Log9, an Indian Deep Tech company specialising in Advanced EV battery technology have announced a strategic partnership. This partnership locks in weighted battery buyback prices for Log9, powered by LOHUM’s DETX™ ‘future purchase price’ prediction index for battery assets. This partnership aimed at addressing […]

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Lohum Stakes Claim To Be First Outside China to Extract Pure Metallic Lithium

LOHUM, a producer of sustainable energy transition and battery materials has announced the recovery of pure Lithium metal, through recycling. This is  amongst the slew of initiatives by the firm comprising new closed-loop ecosystem achievements. LOHUM, through its integrated recycling, repurposing, and refining system claims to have become among the first five companies to globally […]

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LOHUM Provides Nepal Indian Alternative to China by Supplying 25,000 MT EV Battery Materials

LOHUM, a producer of sustainable energy transition and battery materials through integrated recycling, repurposing, and refining, is partnering with Nepal’s EV ecosystem partners that are selling MG, Stellantis, and Tata EVs. The diverse pool of EV sector partners will also eventually include Volkswagen, Suzuki, Renault, and Mahindra EVs enter recycling, among others. The partnership will […]

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LOHUM & Vecmocon Partner to Power 100,000 LIB-Enabled EVs

Producer of sustainable energy transition materials and Vecmocon, an Indian EV intelligence company backed by Tiger Global & Blume Ventures, have partnered to accelerate EV battery adoption and enable easy financing. The partnership aims to accelerate second-life battery use and power 100,000 LIB-enabled EVs over two years with AI-powered Battery Management System (BMS) by determining […]

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LOHUM & Altigreen Sign Strategic Partnership for Low Carbon Recycling of 1 GWh EV Batteries

LOHUM, a producer of sustainable energy transition materials and Altigreen, a manufacturer of commercial cargo electric vehicles, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at addressing the critical challenge of sustainable battery disposal in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Under the partnership, LOHUM will recycle end-of-life batteries from Altigreen electric vehicles via its NEETM™ technology, recovering […]

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MG Motor India & LOHUM Collaborate for Second Life EV Battery Solution

MG Motor India, an automobile brand has joined forces with Lohum, a producer of sustainable energy transition materials, to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for the reuse, and life cycle management of EV batteries. The partnership between MG India and Lohum aims to develop the concept of second-life solutions for batteries, ensuring their efficient utilization and […]

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