IIT Hyderabad

PURE EV Brings ‘BaTRics Faraday’ System, AI to Detect Issues in Li-Ion Batteries

A Hyderabad based electric vehicle (EV) startup PURE EV has come with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system named ‘BaTRics Faraday’ that can detect and repair issues in the Lithium-Ion battery of its Electric Two-Wheelers (E2Ws). Interestingly, these E2Ws do not need to be taken to the customer service center and the issue can get resolved […]

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IIT Hyderabad Professor has a Lithium-CO2 Battery That Can Power The Mars Mission

An IIT Hyderabad associate professor of the department of chemical engineering and creative & advanced research, Chandra Sekhar Sharma, has developed a Lithium-CO2 battery, which many believe could power India’s space projects and the grand Mars Mission in 2024. Researcher, Chandra Shekhar has already retrieved Rs 25 lakh Swarnajayanti fellowship 2019-2020 from the department of […]

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Low-Cost, Eco-friendly Solar Cells Made Possible Using Kumkum Dye

A team of researchers has developed low-cost, environment-friendly solar cells by employing an off-the-shelf dye used to make kumkum in India. A team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad (IIT-H) have developed low-cost, environment-friendly solar cells by employing an off-the-shelf dye used to make kumkum or vermilion in India. According to the research published […]

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