PURE EV Brings ‘BaTRics Faraday’ System, AI to Detect Issues in Li-Ion Batteries

PURE EV Brings ‘BaTRics Faraday’ System, AI to Detect Issues in Li-Ion Batteries

A Hyderabad based electric vehicle (EV) startup PURE EV has come with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system named ‘BaTRics Faraday’ that can detect and repair issues in the Lithium-Ion battery of its Electric Two-Wheelers (E2Ws).

Interestingly, these E2Ws do not need to be taken to the customer service center and the issue can get resolved at the owner’s residence instead. This AI-driven hardware does not need any manual interventions but automatically detects and resolves the issue.

Pr. Nishanth Dongari, Founder of this IIT Hyderabad incubated startup, stated, “PURE EV has developed AI-driven hardware which carries out the diagnosis and resolution of defects in the battery through an externally-connected device to the battery. This saves precious man-hours otherwise spent in replacement of series of cells and significantly reduces the battery ‘Turn Around Time’ (TAT),” in a conversation with IANS.

According to Pr. Dongari, the lithium-ion battery pack is the most vital component of any electric vehicle, consisting of multiple lithium-ion cells, welded together in series and parallel arrangements so as to comply with voltage and ampere-hour capacities.

“In case of any defects coming to batteries in any of the cell series, it leads to significant downtime to the E2Ws owners. Additionally, the usage behavior pattern and Indian environmental conditions put more load on the batteries,” Pr. Dongari added.
Hence via this new AI-driven hardware, this task is made easy which allows for external detection and rectification thus saving man-hours in the manual replacement of a series of cells.

However, detecting any issue in the Li-Ion battery and resolving it is not an easy task to do for the original equipment manufacturers(OEMs). Plus, the EV owner will go to the EV OEMs for the issue and they will then go to the battery OEMs which makes it a difficult and time-consuming process and that’s where PURE EV has tossed their new AI technology to solve the whole problem.

PURE EV chief executive Rohit Vadera said, “This intelligent device enhances the capability of Pure EV to turn around battery defects within a shorter time period. With the significant takeoff happening for EVs, PURE EV is building the necessary infrastructure and technical capabilities to become a pioneer in the battery after-sales service for its esteemed customers.”

Consequently, the AI repair technology has been tested over and can be applied on all of PURE Ev’s E2Ws which are ready for launch in the first quarter of 2021.

Earlier the last December, PURE EV had announced its partnership with CSIR – Central Electro Chemical Research Institute (CECRI). The firm had signed an MoU with CSIR- CECRI for indigenous Lithium-Ion battery technology for electric vehicles.

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