Gernot Gauglitz

UKA To Build 120 MW Wind Farm For Mercedes-Benz

Global automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced plans for installing a wind energy farm of over 120 MW at its test track in Papenburg, Northern Germany. It has also awarded a long-term contract worth hundreds of millions to German energy park developer UKA (Umweltgerechte Kraftanlagen GmbH & Co. KG) under which UKA will erect about 20 wind […]

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UKA, Nordex Intensify Collaboration On 500 MW Wind Projects

UKA and Nordex Group have announced extending their collaboration for a further two years to continue their existing partnership. Together, the two encompass a total of 80 wind turbine generators that generate a capacity of close to 500 MW. UKA is among the top three wind farm developers in Germany while Nordex Group is a […]

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