England To Favour Domestic Manufacturers For Wind Subsidies

The British Government will not allow subsidies for offshore wind development projects that do not use components made and supplied by UK based manufacturers. The new rules are likely for projects larger than 300 MW. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced plans to grow UK offshore wind generation to 40GW by 2030, with an additional […]

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Shell Signs Power Offtake Deal for 100 MW Storage System in England

Shell Energy Europe has agreed on a multi-year power offtake deal that enables the installation of the 100 MW Minety power storage project in England. Shell Energy Europe Limited (SEEL) has agreed on a multi-year power offtake deal that enables the installation of Europe’s biggest battery, the 100-megawatt (MW) Minety power storage project in south-west […]

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5,500 Churches in UK Run on Renewable Energy

The sudden shift to renewable energy by the churches in UK has hit the fossil fuel companies hard. London based religious charity ‘Christian Aid’ has proclaimed that 5,500 churches in UK have started depending completely on renewable energy sources for their operations. “Renewable energy is now a mainstream power source,” Emma Pinchbeck, the executive director […]

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World’s Largest Floating Solar Farm edifices in London to vie Japan

Recently, England is shouting ‘solar as big as never’, the phrase went real after the country announces successful commissioning of Europe’s largest floating solar farm. According to reports, the £6 million (about $8 million) project will help power local water treatment plants that provide clean drinking water to London and south-east England’s 10 million residents. […]

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