CERC Rejects Windpower Windfarm’s Grounds for Failure to Commission Project

A petition filed by Airpower Windfarms, contending that because the Gujarat Energy Development Authority (GEDA), refused to extend the developer permissions, it was unable to commission its project, has been turned down by the Central Regulatory Electricity Commission (CERC). The firm said that it was granted Stage-I Connectivity on 13.7.2018 and Stage-II Connectivity on 24.8.2018 […]

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Vivid Solaire’s Plea to Align LTA with Revised SCOD of Project Shot Down by CERC

The Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) has rejected the petition of Vivid Solaire Energy Private Limited to reconsider Long-Term Access (LTA) to coincide with the revised SCOD of project and waive the transmission charges. In its petition, the Pune-based firm had filed a petition seeking a waiver for the levy of transmission charges by CTUIL […]

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CERC Quashes Avaada’s Plea for Extension of LTA Operationalisation Date

The Petitioners, Avaada Energy Private Limited (AEPL) and Avaada Sustainable RJ Project Private Limited (ASRJPPL), Petitioner have filed petitions against Central Transmission Utility of India Limited (CTUIL) to extend the start date of Long Term Access (LTA) granted to AEPL from 23.8.2021 to 12.5.2022. AEPL has stated that as per its letter dated 10.1.2022, it […]

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CERC Admits Adani Green Petition On LTA Over Pushback By CTUIL

SBSR Power Cleantech Eleven Private Limited (SBSR), a subsidiary of Adani Green Energy Limited, has won a minor victory at the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC), after the commission took the considered view to admit its petition, over the objections of the Central Transmission Utility Of India Limited (CTUIL). The Issue The case refers to […]

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APTEL Relief For Avaada From Transmission Charges Till Final decision From CERC

In an interesting order, the Appellate Tribunal For Electricity (APTEL) has chosen to provide Avaada Energy relief from charges being claimed from transmission utilities for a project where it has been using Medium Term Open Access, instead of Long Term Open Access as mandated. The Issue Avaada had made both CERC (Central Electricity Regulatory Commission) […]

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CERC Orders Grant Of Transmission Licence To Adani Transmission

Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC) ordered on June 16 the grant of transmission licence to Khavda-Bhuj Transmission Limited  subject to fulfillment of 14 conditions under the monitoring eyes of Central Electricity Authority which will bring to the notice of the Commission any lapse on the part of the licensee. Owned by Adani Transmission, Khavda-Bhuj Transmission […]

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