Thinner Solar Cells Could Lead to lower Costs and Faster Expansion

Researchers at MIT and at the NREL have outlined a pathway to slashing costs of solar cells by slimming down the silicon cells themselves. Costs of solar panels have plummeted over the last several years, leading to rates of solar installations far greater than most analysts had expected. But with most of the potential areas […]

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Portugal Awards World’s Lowest Cost Solar Contract

Portugal has for now become the country with the world’s lowest-cost solar PV contract. After it offered contracts worth just €14.76/MWh Portugal has for now become the country with the world’s lowest-cost solar PV contract. After the European nation offered the lowest ever contracts worth just €14.76 per Megawatt Hour (MWh), or $16.54 per MWh in the […]

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Cost of Renewable Power Dropped to a Record Low in 2018: Report

The Renewable energy Sources like solar, onshore Wind costs will see a further slide next year consistently cheaper than any other fossil fuel source says the newest IRENA report. Boosting the business case for Renewables in the world, costs of renewable sources like onshore wind and solar photovoltaic (PV) technologies will in the next year […]

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