Wipro Coral plus Rechargeable Solar LED Lantern

Wipro Coral plus Rechargeable Solar LED Lantern

Wipro Coral Plus Rechargeable Solar LED Lantern

PRODUCT BRIEF: A rechargeable lithium battery operated emergency light with a foldable hook that provides light in 360 degrees of direction. Battery Capacity: 4000 mAh.

PRODUCT FEATURES: It has Dual Charging supply i.e. plug in your lantern to charge it and when there is no access to a power supply, the sun can recharge your lantern. The LED lantern is equipped with a 4000 mAh powerful battery, which gives up to 20 hours of backup. It is Equipped with a knob to make dimming and brightening easy. Also, it gives the 360 degree light output of the lantern.

PRODUCT APPLICATION: Solar Emergency Light

PRODUCT BENEFITS: You can use the lantern at the time of power outage. It can get charge in day time by solar energy and work in emergency.

AVAILABILITY: The product is available on the e-commerce website for INR – 899

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