S:FLEX Flat Direct

S:FLEX Flat Direct

Product Brief: S:FLEX has manufactured an aerodynamic installation system ‘Flat Direct’ for the growing segments of commercial and residential buildings. The new low-ballast pitched roof system for non-penetrative installations is used on pitched roofs with up to 30° slope and guarantees short installation times with its pre-assembled components.

Product Feature: Flat Direct is light-weight and ideal for pitched roof structures with limited load reserves. In special cases

where ballast requirements exceed the load capacity of a roof, a few attachments make the installation complete. Its high pre-fabrication minimizes installation time. It includes cut-to-length rails pre-glued foam rubber pads make for quick and easy installations.

Application: S:FLEX’s Flat Direct can be used in variety of roof types with different roofing materials and framed modules that are arranged in a portrait or landscape setting. It was designed to meet the specifications of snow loads up to 50psf and wind speeds up to 130mph.

Benefits: Flat Direct comes with a special ridge angle joint designed for installations on pitched roofs, which can be easily adapted to each site specific situation. It includes ballast stone clamps that are useful for installations where project-specific parameters require additional ballast. Engineered with precise module spacing provides for a perfect aero-dynamic wind flow and ventilation opti-mizing the ballast requirements. Nearly all common framed modules from a multitude of manufacturers can be accommodated and mounted in a portrait or landscape setting.

Availability: Available for purchase in most of the market worldwide.

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