Sweden Embarks on 120 TWh Offshore Wind Energy

Highlights :

  • The government has already identified three sea areas that are capable of producing up to 30 TW of offshore wind energy.
  • All agencies are asked to cooperate in searching for resource regions and the government wants to sanction the full 120 TW plan by December 2024.
Sweden Embarks on 120 TWh Offshore Wind Energy

Sweden has come up with a massive new marine plan wherein the government has committed itself to develop 120 TWh offshore wind energy in the coming few years to fulfil the power needs of the country.

The Swedish Energy Agency has already identified three key areas to begin with. The Swedish government has identified three zones as suitable for accommodating offshore wind turbines and these three areas have a potential to produce up to 30 TWh of electricity per annum. The three areas are in the Gulf of Bothnia which is located between the west coast Finland and east coast Sweden, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea. The North Sea has already become a hotbed for offshore wind energy generation for many European countries.

The Government’s new plan aims to expedite the expansion of offshore wind deployment. The government opines that Sweden’s demand for electricity is rising and a boom is expected in the next few years. The government calculates the country’s overall power consumption at around 140 TWh annually and the new renewable power source is being mulled as the ultimate solution to fulfil the electricity needs of the present and also of the future.

Minister of Energy and Digitisation Khashayar Farmanbar says, “We must have a lot of electricity, cheap electricity, fast. This is how we secure the electricity supply, enable the conversion and secure good electricity prices in the long term.”

The government has mandated the Swedish Energy Agency for implementing the plan and is tasked with the formal designation of the zones. Other agencies are asked to cooperate to see that the quest is successful.

Apart from the three sea areas identified, the agency has been directed to propose more areas for offshore turbine installation for an additional 90 TW of power. This means that the total power generation target hovers around 120 TW.

The government has informed that the agency is due to complete its assignment in March next year. After the identification of offshore areas, the Swedish Maritime Administration will propose certain changes to the country’s marine plans. The final report will then reach the government and the final decision will be taken by December 2024.

Sweden’s Minister of Climate and Environment Annika Strandhall says, “This is an important step for Sweden to be at the forefront of climate change and create the green jobs of the future. Today, the industry is screaming for offshore wind power. We are now accelerating the expansion of offshore wind power by pointing out a number of suitable areas far out to sea.”

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