Records Continue to Follow Actor Manoj Kumar With Solar Generation At Mumbai Residence

Highlights :

  • Yesteryear Bollywood Star Manoj Kumar’s family residence has a 15 kW solar system, that is generating record amounts of electricity.
Records Continue to Follow Actor Manoj Kumar With Solar Generation At Mumbai Residence

Manoj Kumar, the yesteryear Bollywood hero known for the patriotic themes of his films, is still setting an example for the rest of his countrymen. By adopting a sustainable source of energy for his family’s needs.

By integrating renewable energy into their societal commitments, the Kumar family has set an example for tinsel town’s many other shining stars to follow.

In 2022, the Kumar family installed a 10kWp solar PV plant at their residence, featuring a Solis 3P4G-10K inverter. This plant has consistently outperformed expectations, regularly generating over 50 units of electricity daily, and even achieving a remarkable 59.7 units in a single day in March 2023.

Exceptional Performance Continues with New Installations

Solis Inverters at the Kumar residence power 15 kW solar system

Record Breaking Performance

Encouraged by the success of their initial installation and in response to growing energy needs, the family expanded their setup by commissioning a new 5kWp solar plant on April 4, 2024, powered by the latest Solis S5-GR3P5K inverter. Thus, even as the  original 10kWp plant continues to exceed expectations, generating 57.9 units on April 13, 2024. The new 5 kWp plant contributed 33.0 units on the same day, leading to a groundbreaking total of 90.9 units in a single day—far exceeding the theoretical threshold of 75 units. Talk about box office returns!

Solis Inverters: Enhancing Performance and Maximizing Output

The outstanding performance of the Kumar solar plants have underlined the key role of solar inverters in solar plants. The Solis inverters installed there have played a crucial role in enhancing solar plant performance and maximizing energy output, even in challenging Indian conditions. The recent launch of the Solis S6-GR1P(1-3)K-M inverter, specifically designed for residential PV installations, further strengthens Solis’ commitment to innovation. The inverter supports high-efficiency and bi-facial modules and features a fanless design for easy installation and a quieter living environment. The integrated AFCI function enhances safety by reducing fire risks.

Commitment to Sustainability and Collaboration

Solar rooftop system at Manoj Kumar residence, Mumbai

The New 5 kW Rooftop System

Kunal Kumar, Manoj Kumar’s son, emphasized the importance of individual contributions to environmental sustainability and our planet’s future. The family’s choice of BigSwitch India as their renewable energy partner reflects their trust in BigSwitch’s expertise, built over 12 years of delivering complex projects across India.

Prasad Kulkarni, Founder-Partner of BigSwitch India, highlighted the significance of this achievement and BigSwitch’s dedication to delivering value and quality to clients and society. He praised Solis for their reliable inverters suited for India’s challenging environment and emphasized the importance of collaborative client engagement in project design and deployment.

Inspiring a Brighter Future

With a massive push on now for residential solar across the country, the  partnership between the Kumar family, BigSwitch India, and Solis underscores India’s potential to lead in renewable energy innovation. For Solis, the success has vindicated its commitment to the Indian market, where it has emerged among the top inverter brands in the country, with  key milestones like 4 GW of installed capacity crossed already.

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