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Troubleshooting Guide Abnormal Noise from Inverter: Causes and Solutions

Background Inverters operating at high or full power sometimes exhibit abnormal noises, ranging from subtle to more pronounced sounds. What causes these issues, and how can they be resolved? This Solis seminar will analyze typical causes of abnormal noise and share effective solutions. Fault description Abnormal sounds from inverters can normally be categorized into the […]

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The Case For PV With Energy Storage Systems

Background PV systems have become a reliable source of clean energy by utilizing energy storage units. In many countries and regions, PV + storage systems have become the preferred source of energy for a variety of reasons. What are the main structures of PV + energy storage systems? What are their benefits? This Solis workshop […]

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Getting Your Solar System Spring Ready-Guidelines

Is your PV system ready for spring? With winter on its way out or gone, it’s time to ensure your solar system is ready to capitalise on its most productive period of the year possibly. Solis Inverter proposes these guidelines to ensure you get just that, and peace of mind to boot. Q1: Why is […]

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Common O&M Problems With Inverters In the Winter Time

Background Solar plants, if planned and maintained well, can comfortably withstand winters too. With winter comes cold temperature and sometimes extreme weather, such as snow, freezing rain, or even polar freezes. In low temperatures, you need to pay more close attention to your inverter’s operation and maintenance (O&M). This episode from Solis’ seminar series, we […]

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How Do Inverters Adapt To High-Power PV Modules?

Background With the rapid development of solar cell and photovoltaic module technology, the nominal power of PV modules now regularly breaks through from 400W+ to 500W+ and even to 600W+. The rapid development and increase in power of modules has put forward new requirements for inverter adaptation. So how do you choose the appropriate inverter […]

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String Inverter Specialist Solis Prepares For a Bright Future

Solis has been working in the field of string inverters for 17 years now, a period during which the pure play string inverter firm has used its focus to deliver performance across markets and categories. In market after market, the firm has emerged among the market leaders, building on strong product quality and service. With […]

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How to Quickly and Effectively Determine “ground fault”

Background In PV systems, ground faults are a relatively common type of fault, but the damage to the inverter equipment is also more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate the fault in time to restore the system to operational state. This Solis seminar will share with you the causes and troubleshooting methods of PV […]

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Key Points of Inverter Selection in BIPV Project

Background The organic combination of PV system and buildings makes it fashionable and practical to create green buildings that meet key climate objectives too. These Building Integrated Photo Voltaic or BIPV systems are gaining in popularity with responsible corporates, as they help deliver key objectives of green energy, conservation, and sustainability for new constructions and […]

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Optimising Solar PV Power Supply Systems Alongside Oil Generators

Background In some areas of the world, the power grid can fail or shut down due to unstable supply or planned shutdowns via programs such as “load shedding” and can last an unknown amount of time. During this time, a standard grid connected solar PV system will also shut down. How can we ensure that […]

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