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Omega Seiki Mobility, Charzer In Partnership For 20K Strong Pan India Charging Network

Bengaluru based EV charging infrastructure startup, Charzer has joined hands with Omega Seiki Mobility, an Anglian Omega Group Company to set up a network of 20,000 EV charging stations across India in the next two years, accelerating the shift to electric vehicles in last mile logistics. This will help Omega Seiki deploy 30,000 cargo vehicles […]

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Power Ministry Issues Order Extending ISTS Benefits to BESS, Pumped Storage Projects

In an order dated November 23, the Ministry of Power of the Government of India has notified key changes to its existing orders allowing waiver of ISTS (Inter State Transmission Charges) on Wind and Solar Sources. In the latest version, for Wind, Solar, Hydro PSP (Pumped Storage Projects) and BESS projects commissioned upto 30.06.2025, the […]

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Denmark Plans Island To Mainland Strategy For Power Transmission, Using Wind Energy

Even as we wrote about the top 3 transcontinental transmission lines to carry solar power across continents, we track news from Europe about major wind generation plans using artificial and natural islands, in the North Sea and Baltic Sea respectively. At the centre of both these plans is Denmark, the wind energy leader, which hopes […]

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Continued Tariffs On Module Imports to US On Agenda For Biden

While a court ruling might have dented some of the tariffs imposed on module imports, in this case Bifacial module imports to the US, the odds of Trump era tariffs continuing remain high for the foreseeable future. This is as much due to continuing tensions with China, the key target, than the need to allow […]

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Canadian Solar Signs Framework Agreement With Battery Major CATL

Canadian Solar Inc. has announced that its subsidiary CSI Solar signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Ltd. (“CATL“), a global leader of new energy innovative technologies. For CATL, the partnership is yet another addition to its string of partnerships to push its technology across after earlier partnership with Jinko Solar […]

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After COP26, Germany Steps Up, Promises Euro 1.2 billion For Climate Fight To India

After the disappointment that was the COP26 conference where developed countries did their best to avoid taking serious measures and push developing countries to do more, Germany has started some mitigation of its own. On Wednesday, Europe’s largest economy and powerhouse announced new development commitments of over Euro 1.3 billion (approx Rs 10,025 crore) to […]

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Renewable Energy Certificates. Trading Resumes, But Much Needs To Be Done

Highlights: The market share of REC market had already shrunk to 9.2 lakh Renewable Energy Certificates (REC) in 2020-21, while 60.58 lakh RECs piled up till March end. As per CEEW-CEF analysis, as many as 5.1 million RECs have remained unsold due to poor RPO compliance across India, a demand shortfall of 7%. The Appellate […]

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ENEL To Add 43 GW OF Solar By 2030 In Larger Renewables Plan For 2030

Italian power and gas utility Enel has announced plans to invest €70 billion (US$78 billion) by 2030 across regions to scale up its renewables and energy storage portfolio. The move, announced yesterday (Nov 24) marks an effort by the energy major to bring forward its net zero plans to 2040. The company’s earlier net zero […]

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Growatt’s Latest Residential-cum-commercial Inverter is now BIS Certified

Growatt’s latest residential as well as small commercial inverter in three phase range MOD 3000-15KTL3-X for rooftop application is now BIS certified. “At glance, customers will find the inverter very appealing. It is designed with integrated top cover case, and there’re no screws on front cover case. The design has fewer gaps and provides better […]

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