Kumbaya Officially Launches Solar-Powered ZeroXess Solution

ZeroXess is an economically priced home energy and communication hub for collecting and distributing power to other devices.

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California-based Kumbaya Inc. has officially launched the solar-powered zeroXess platform for off-grid energy, connectivity and content from the floor of Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain.

The new zeroXess platform delivers solar-powered energy, connectivity and content to off-grid communities globally.

ZeroXess is designed to connect the unconnected, it is an economically priced home energy and communication hub for collecting and distributing power to other devices, equipped with a touch screen to allow users to easily view, monitor and control power, connectivity, lights, communication and the consumption of information.

With an aim to create sustainable solutions that enable the under-served, unconnected people to transform their lives, the company has built the platform that is affordable, reliable and sustainable, to ensure there is always electricity, light, connectivity and access to the information of the world.

Commenting on the development, Kumbaya, Founder and CEO, Mike Freni said, “There is no question that our goal to connect the ‘last billion’ is a huge undertaking, and some might say it is impossible. But as Nelson Mandela said, ‘It always seems impossible, until someone does it,’ and Kumbaya is here to finally connect the unconnected.”

“I have built my career legacy over the past 30 years by innovating to overcome big challenges in business, and in founding Kumbaya I have made it my life work to break down barriers and create a lasting positive impact in the most underserved nations of our world,” Freni added.

Kumbaya’s zeroXess platform is a modular solar-powered system to bring energy, connectivity and content to off-grid populations, refugee camps, and areas cut off from the world by natural disasters.

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Manu Tayal

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