KSEB Invites Bids For Supply of 150 MW Solar Power Between June’22 and March’23

KSEB Invites Bids For Supply of 150 MW Solar Power Between June’22 and March’23

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB), the govt owned entity with a distribution license for all of Kerala, has invited bids for supply of solar power to the state. The 150 MW requirement will need to be supplied between June 15, 2022 and March 31, 2023. According to the bid document, all the generators /State Utilities /CPPs /Distribution Licensees /SEBs and trading licensees having valid trading license from Appropriate Commission are qualified to participate in the bidding process. The procurement will probably help KSEB meet its RPO requirements as well as normal power procurement.

While setting a minimum bid quantity of 10 MW, KSEB has specified that KSEBL interconnection with CTU in Southern Region, ie. Kerala Periphery shall be taken as Delivery Point for inter-state transmission. But for intra-state transmission of power, pooling substation shall be taken as Delivery Point. The Bidder(s) have flexibility to bid for a part of the tendered quantity, subject to the given minimum quantity. Bid capacity offered by the Bidder shall have to be constant for the entire contract period.

Time table for KSEB procurement

Time Table For Short Term Procurement Process

In case the successful bidder is a trader or DISCOM with LTA then the application for open access shall be punched by the successful bidder on behalf of KSEBL. If the successful bidder is a Generator/DISCOM without LTA/ embedded intrastate entity Generator, then KSEBL will apply for open access. In such cases all charges payable to SLDC/RLDC charges shall be reimbursed to KSEBL without any rebate within 3 working days on receipt of the bill from KSEBL.

Interestingly, the Bidders are required to submit EMD for the maximum capacity which they wish to offer (in single bid or sum total of multiple bids) @ Rs.30,000/- per MW per month on RTC (30 days, 24 hours) basis and same shall be reduced on pro-rata basis in case bids are invited on hourly basis, in the form of Bank Guarantee. For Example: For a requirement of 1 MW for 15 days for 4 hours, the EMD shall be Rs. 30,000 x (15 days / 30 days) x (4 hrs / 24 hrs) = Rs. 2,500/-

The full tender document can be accessed here.

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