Iron Flow Battery Based ESS Among Winners At Smarter E Storage Awards

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  • Pfannenberg Europe, ESS, and sonnen are the winners of Smarter E AWARD – Energy Storage Category 2024
Iron Flow Battery Based ESS Among Winners At Smarter E Storage Awards

The Smarter E AWARD 2024, announced on June 20, had a very interesting line up of nominees and eventual winners in the storage category. This year’s finalists showcased trends such as artificial intelligence, digital twins, and software-as-a-service solutions, all designed to enhance performance and efficiency in the energy sector.

In this piece, we highlight the winners of the Smarter E AWARD 2024 Energy Storage Category. The category had a list of ten finalists out of which three were awarded as the winners: Compact Chiller VLV 12 by Pfannenberg Europe, Energy Center by ESS, and sonnenPro FlexStack by sonnen.

The finalists of Energy Storage category

Compact Chiller VLV 12 by Pfannenberg Europe

Pfannenberg Europe has been awarded the Smarter E AWARD 2024 in the Energy Storage category for its innovative Compact Chiller VLV 12. This Chiller is engineered specifically for liquid-cooled batteries in stand-alone portable Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) applications to promote efficient and sustainable operation of portable BESS power stations. It effectively supports the replacement of diesel generators across various environments, including events, construction sites, and electric vehicle charging hubs.

Compact Chiller VLV 12 by Pfannenberg Europe - Winner at Smarter E AWARDS Energy Storage Category

The Compact Chiller VLV 12 is a robust, vibration-resistant cooling unit tailored for stationary battery systems. It provides a cooling capacity of up to 12 kW and functions efficiently in ambient temperatures ranging from -25 to 45°C. The unit operates as an air-water system, powered by a DC voltage of 570-800 V directly from the battery system. Furthermore, it includes a built-in heating feature to elevate the batteries to their optimal operating temperature in colder conditions.

It allows seamless integration with the overall system, thanks to Modbus RTU/Modbus TCP capabilities.

Energy Center by ESS

ESS, a leading manufacturer of long-duration energy storage systems (LDES) for commercial and utility-scale applications, has been recognized as a winner in the Energy Storage category of the Smarter E AWARD 2024 for its innovative Energy Center. This utility-scale energy storage system, developed by the US-based firm, offers a significant advancement in energy storage technology.

Energy Center by ESS - Winner at Smarter E AWARDS Energy Storage Category

The Energy Center provides a substantial storage capacity of 1,160 kWh and is designed to operate for 25 years. It comes with a standard 10-year guarantee, extendable up to 25 years, with the initial decade covered by Munich RE. The system features an eight-hour discharge rate and employs iron flow technology, ensuring both safety and environmental sustainability. For discharge rates over six hours, the Smarter E AWARD highlights it as the most cost-effective storage solution on the market in terms of cost per kWh stored.

Additionally, the Energy Center can be upgraded by adding electrolyte to increase its energy capacity and discharge duration, offering maximum project flexibility and the lowest operational costs for owners. ESS asserts that the system is free from toxic materials and poses no risk of thermal runaway.

The inaugural Energy Center is currently undergoing commissioning and testing in Oregon and will be integrated into a system delivered to Portland General Electric later this year.

sonnenPro FlexStack by sonnen

Germany-based sonnen has secured the Smarter E AWARD 2024 in the Energy Storage category for its innovative product, sonnenPro FlexStack.

The sonnenPro FlexStack is a commercial storage system with its modular design, built on lithium-iron-phosphate cells, and boasting an IP65 protection rating suitable for outdoor installations. It offers flexibility with configurable usable battery capacities ranging from 100 to 450 kWh and output capacities from 92 to 368 kW, achieved through combinations of two, three, or four modular units. Operating at a system voltage of 1,024 V, the storage system is designed for longevity with 6,000 cycles.

sonnenPro FlexStack by sonnen - Winner at Smarter E AWARDS Energy Storage Category

Its modular structure also allows for additional components to be integrated, accommodating future changes in company energy requirements. This adaptability positions sonnenPro FlexStack as a cornerstone for businesses demanding sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions.

The initial systems are anticipated to be available in the fourth quarter of 2024.

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