Sonnen Introduces the sonnenCore, a new all-in-one, affordable home battery for every home

The first-of-its-kind, all-in-one sonnen home battery solution makes the company’s proven, long-lasting and safe home battery technology even more accessible to all energy storage customers. sonnen, a global market leader in smart residential energy storage and virtual power plants, today announced the launch of sonnenCore. The new compact, affordable, and fully sonnen-designed sonnenCore home battery […]

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Sonnen Builts First Sonnen City with sonnenBatterie in United States

Sonnen equips 3000 new homes in the US state of Arizona with a sonnenBatterie, facilitating the house owners to produce, store and network their own electricity. In the US state of Arizona, a new city is being built in which every 3000 homes can produce, store and network their own electricity. According to his own […]

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