High Power Bifacial Module Project Debuts At Excel Ceramics In Jamnagar, Powered by GoodWe

Highlights :

  • The 1.8 MW project is the first using bifacial modules in Jamnagar.
  • Like all bifacial projects, this one two comes with a tracker system to maximise the potential benefit of the high power bifacial modules.
High Power Bifacial Module Project Debuts At Excel Ceramics In Jamnagar, Powered by GoodWe

Jamnagar has got the first of what should be many upcoming Bifacial powered solar plants. Bifacials have had a slow start in India due to cost issues, are are widely becoming the preferred option in developed markets like Australia, the US and even China, especially in segments where productivity is valued at a premium. With their ability to generate power from the rear surfaces too, especially if the surface is lighter(white painted is best), bifacials can deliver much higher output. Now, as the Indian market matures, they are finally finding a market in India too.

The 1.8 MW  project has been set up by Seven Solar Energy at Excel Ceramic Private Limited . Seven Solar Energy has had an industrial presence since 1992 in Gujarat  and experience with over 20 completed industrial rooftop projects and more than 200 residential sector projects in the past one year.

However, for all that, a  project using Bifacial modules is still a novelty, considering the higher initial investment, and it was important to pick the right partners for the firm. That they picked GoodWe for the same is a strong endorsement of the reputation and quality the firm brings to the table, with its worldwide experience in the segment.

Project overview:

The first of its kind  (in the region) Single Axis solar tracker project with Bi-Facial solar panels is eyeing on 24% Plant Load Factor over the years, which will be highest yield among present plants. The firm claims its unique design will help reduce the maintenance effort and cost. Managing the while generation load are GoodWe’s 250KW -1500VDC inverters with Fuseless design and real time string monitoring.

The Inverters are enabled with Smart PID recovery feature which will support complete plant to work on higher performance by reducing the effect of PID on modules.Power line carrier communication (PLCC) adopted for communication to reduce maintenance effort, cost, and achieve flawless monitoring & operations. GoodWe provided it’s 250kW inverter, which is compatible with high power modules, has Smart O&M along with enhanced safety.

Divyang Patel, Director- Seven Solar Energy said“We have developed single axis tracker structure with bifacial solar module of 495 wp capacity and 8 no’s of GoodWe inverters of 250 kw which was used for the first time in Gujarat at one of our plants. We have used power line communication system for monitoring along with PID recovery feature in this plant which is highly robust technology in GoodWe inverters. As per the technical aspect we can achieve 1:1 ratio for DC to AC conversion. We are very satisfied with the new launched product of GoodWe inverters which was used in our plant and hats-off to the service team of the company we didn’t face any problem throughout the project.”

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