Govt Urges Stakeholders to Contact Nodal Officer for Grievance Redressal on Pref to Make in India Order

The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has issued an office memorandum stating that for any grievance redressal purpose with respect to its order on ‘Preference to Make in India’, industry stakeholders can contact to the nodal officer.

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For this purpose, Sutapa Majumdar is the MNRE’s nodal officer for dealing grievances w.r.t. the matter.

The Ministry stated that Sutapa Majumdar, who is the Economic Adviser can be contacted through email – [email protected] or through phone no – 011-24362891.

MNRE assured to stakeholders that the nodal officer is expected to resolve all complaints within 30 days of receipt thereof.

However, it has also directed the nodal officer to ensure that the high-value grievances, which are not resolved either at the level of MNRE or the Standing Committee formed under PPP-MII Order 2017, and remain pending for more than 3 months, are posed to the Committee of Secretaries for directions.

Earlier in December 2018, the MNRE had issued an order mandating that public procurements should encourage Make in India to promote manufacturing and production of goods and services in India with a view to enhancing income and employment.

Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion had earlier issued a notification in June 2017, (DIPP notification no. P-45021/2/2017-B.E.-11) mandating public procurement should encourage Make in India policy of the Indian government. MNRE implemented this order for all renewable energy projects to be taken up by the government.

For wind power projects, apart from civil construction, preference will be given to domestically manufactured and produced products such as the gearbox, blades, rotor, generator, tower, hub, parts of the controller, bearing and yaw mechanism components.

For off-grid solar projects, preference will be given to domestically manufactured and produced solar street lights, solar home lighting systems, solar power packs and microgrid, solar water pumps, inverter and batteries.

For grid-connected solar projects, preference will be given to domestically manufactured and produced solar PV modules and other components needed for a grid-connected solar project.

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Manu Tayal

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