GoodWe Commits To Energy Storage Solutions

GoodWe Commits To Energy Storage Solutions

At this year’s Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) Summit, GoodWe’s campaign will focus on practical solutions on how the energy needs of the future can be met in order to realize the net-zero goals set by companies, cities, and countries worldwide. GoodWe has made it its goal to develop energy storage solutions that will enable the provision of round-the-clock zero-emissions power.

GoodWe states that it has made significant investments in the research and development of innovative net-zero-enabling technologies. At present, the Company has a team of over 500 R&D personnel working across 3 R&D centers worldwide, focused on new energy power equipment and storage efficiency.

Earlier this year, GoodWe joined the global coalition for net-zero emissions by pledging to commit to the UN Global Compact (UNGC) environmental standards. With over 20 GW of smart PV plants for green-power generation installed worldwide, GoodWe has the learnings and experience to make an impact.

The firm claims to be the No.1 global leader in energy storage system shipments.

Technical Director of GoodWe Europe Mohamed Ali Bouattour says, “GoodWe is determined to become the main driving force in the global energy transition.” The firm hopes to use every platform it participates in to showcase, and support a move to net zero emissions for all segments of the economy faster.

GoodWe’s focus on energy storage solutions comes at a time when the drop in solar costs, as well as the continuing drop in storage costs, have made these systems not just viable, but in many cases, a better alternative to fossil fuel  powered energy solutions. In large parts of the word today, high oil prices and the resultant high diesel prices could help drive many corporates, firms, and individual consumers towards renewable+storage options. Across whole continents like Africa, where a poor distribution grid in most countries has meant a very high dependence on diesel powered energy or no energy access for many, the new and upcoming storage backed renewable solutions promise a whole new opportunity to change things for the better.

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