Azelio, CITRUS Ink MoU for Energy Storage Supply to C&I Customers in Mexico, America

Swedish company Azelio has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Mexican, CITRUS JMK S.A DE C.V (CITRUS) to assess energy storage for agricultural, mining, food and beverage, tourism and the oil & gas industry in Mexico, North and Central America.

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Commenting on the partnership, Jonas Eklind, CEO of Azelio, said that “CITRUS is a well-established company that we are proud to initiate this partnership with. Azelio’s long-duration energy storage can extend the use of renewable energy for all hours of the day. We look forward to demonstrating our solution together with CITRUS to the Mexican, North and Central American market.”

Moreover, the MoU frameworks a collaboration over a 20 MW capacity of Azelio’s energy storage until 2024. Besides this initial agreement, both the companies are expecting to trigger further projects as well in future.

Now post this partnership, CITRUS is offering to its clients within the C&I sector the Azelio’s long-duration energy storage system integrated with solar photovoltaic (PV). This will increase the sustainability, cost-efficiency, and reliability of their energy systems with renewable electricity (RE) around the clock.

“The partnership with Azelio is a compelling fit that accelerates our strategy to expand the CITRUS portfolio towards energy storage, within our higher growth segments and markets. Together with Azelio we are committed to applying their disruptive technology to give our customers an exceptional renewable energy experience together with sustainable growth,” commented Katia Bernal, CEO of CITRUS.

However, they have planned their first projects to be small scale, aiming for 150 kW in 2021, followed by 3 MW in 2022, 6 MW in 2023, and 11 MW in 2024.

Through this agreement, CITRUS is planning to expand its business offerings in Mexico in particular, and in North and Central America in general. The company’s aim is to establish Azelio as one of its technology providers and to develop, install, and operate Azelio’s technology, acting as a regional partner.

Mexico-based CITRUS is an industrial equipment supplier and an energy project developer. It is contributing to the sustainability of industrial process lines and providing high-tech integrated RE solutions to its customers for both heat and power.

Recently, Azelio has signed another MoU with the Chilean company Industria Mecánica VOGT (VOGT) to assess energy storage projects for the mining industry in Latin America. The MoU frameworks a collaboration over a 10 MW capacity of the company’s energy storage from 2021 until 2024. The parties expect to trigger further projects after this initial agreement.

In March this year, the company had has completed the installation of its renewable energy storage with 24h clean power production in Morocco.

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