All Delhi Officials Will Commute in EVs, Request 4W Owners to Switch: Gahlot

All Delhi Officials Will Commute in EVs, Request 4W Owners to Switch: Gahlot

Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot has announced that all leased or hired cars to be used by Delhi government officials for commute will be electric vehicles (EVs) within the coming six months. The Minister also requested all four-wheeler owners in the city to switch to EVs. Also, he claimed that the subsidies being offered by the Delhi government are one of the highest in the country on the purchase of EVs.

In a statement, Gahlot stated, “Incentives of up to Rs three lakh are provided under the Delhi EV policy, which includes 1.5 lakh subsidy, registration, and road tax exemption. This is the highest subsidy in India and makes the total cost of ownership of an electric car in Delhi exactly the same as a diesel car.”

Interestingly, the eight-week Switch Delhi campaign has entered its third week, and subsidies provided on electric cars in Delhi’s EV policy are reducing the total cost of ownership of electric cars by up to 30 percent, Gahlot revealed.

Switch Delhi campaign by the Delhi government endeavors to make people conscious about the benefits of switching to EVs and make them aware of the incentives and infrastructure being developed by the government.

According to a statement, under Delhi’s EV policy, 12 four-wheeler models are available and eligible for purchase and scrapping incentives. There are significant financial benefits that EVs offer. The total cost of ownership of a private electric car and a private diesel car traveling approximately 30 km per day in Delhi is Rs 19.04 and Rs 19.11 per km respectively.

Speaking on their plan to promote EVs usage, Gahlot stated, “To set an example for the city, the Delhi government has taken lead by starting the transition of its entire fleet to electric vehicles. All leased/hired cars used for the commute of Delhi government officers shall be transitioned to electric within a period of six months.”

Additionally, the department informed that 500 charging points are coming up on 100 locations soon. Also, to help people overcome the apprehensions regarding the charging of EV vehicles in the city and enable a smooth transition, over 70 public charging stations are already operational in Delhi, the statement said.

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