Viz-A-Viz with Navin Menkar, Managing Director, Solaico Sadguru India Pvt Ltd

Viz-A-Viz with Navin Menkar, Managing Director, Solaico Sadguru India Pvt Ltd

Q. Please tell our readers about Sadguru Enterprises.

We are a diverse plastic product manufacturer from Pune, Maharashtra. We have 35 years of solid manufacturing expertise with industry ready infrastructure at strategic locations in and around Pune. The management is blessed with strong goodwill in the market and carries a sound financial backbone.

Q. Kindly elaborate about Sadguru’s foray into Solar PV Module manufacturing.

After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of our upcoming Solar PV Module manufacturing facility at Pune, Maharashtra. It’s a Joint Venture between Solaico a Spanish Solar PV module manufacturer and Shree Sadguru Enterprises a plastic product manufacturer from India. The joint venture Solaico Sadguru India Pvt Ltd finalised the brand name Aicosol for this venture.

Q. Are there any projects you are coming up with the launch of the new venture ‘Aicosol’?

For this venture we are coming up with a 100MW capacity automatic Solar PV Module manufacturing line initially for the first phase. The line is capable of producing any latest technology module like Bifacial and PERC Twin Peak etc. Basically we are planning to cater the complete segment of Solar PV module application irrespective of it’s size and capacity.

Q. Solaico is your Joint Venture partner. Please tell something about it.

Navin Menkar

Navin Menkar, managing Director, Solaico Sadguru India Pvt Ltd

The company has a manufacturing experience of thirty years, and more than ten years in the sector of renewable energy where its production capacity has been increasing progressively. It has facilities of ten thousand square meters in Cocentaina (Alicante).

In 2016 it has incorporated its latest production line which has allowed it´s manufacturing capacity to be increased. The technical department works in conjunction with the commercial department to offer products with photovoltaic integration to the market and to meet the needs of the end users.

Solaico has developed a range of photovoltaic kits, solar pumping equipment, lighting solutions (road, rural and recreational) and has patented a water purifier powered by photovoltaic energy.

With its own offices in Cocentaina, Madrid, Barcelona, India and the Dominican Republic, as well as an extensive network of agents and distributors worldwide, Solaico brings its products to the totality of markets where there is potential in photovoltaic installations and solutions with photovoltaic applications.

The company has intensified its presence in the Mediterranean countries of Europe and North Africa (Algeria, Morocco, Niger, Mali, and Chad). It also has several delegations in countries of South America (Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil) where it exports photovoltaic solutions for areas where conventional electricity distribution is complicated.

Q. How this idea of manufacturing Solar PV module with international JV came into existence?

Life is always full of surprises! Twists, turns, new opportunities. I am always adaptable to sustainable change, this is how Solar PV Module business came into our company’s thought process in the year 2016. Through an in-depth research on the subject, we realised the vacuum of finding international quality product from Indian manufacturers.

There are very few companies of this standard and the gap is very high to fill. Then we came of this idea of manufacturing solar PV module with top notch international quality, where Solaico fall in line with our long term vision. Now we are very close to commence manufacturing from our Pune factory, tentatively by mid November 2018. We are excited to live our dreams and to be another entrant in the make in India movement.

Please feel free to be in touch with us for giving us any kind of advice and for any collaborative opportunity to work together for a sustainable future.

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