Viz-A-Viz with Liu Weizeng, General Manager of TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Viz-A-Viz with Liu Weizeng, General Manager of TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.
Liu Weizeng

Liu Weizeng, General Manager of TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Liu Weizeng, President of New Energy Research Institute of TBEA Xinjiang New Energy Co., Ltd., General Manager of TBEA Xi’an Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Member of Household Electricity Standardization Technical Committee of China Electricity Council. Liu graduated from Xi’an Jiaotong University, and obtained a doctorate in electrical engineering and automation. Liu has been committed to the research and industrialization of power electronics technology and flexible transmission technologies for a long period of time. He has obtained 19 invention patents and published 5 scientific papers in authoritative magazines. His research results of photovoltaic and power products have been widely used in the world. Due to Liu’s outstanding research and contribution in the field of power electronics technology, he has won the Seventeenth China Patent Award for Excellence, the China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award and many other national and regional science and technology project awards.

Q. What kind of ROI can TBEA Inverters deliver to owners of solar power plant and what unique value proportion does it offer to its customers?

It is expected by the solar power plant that solar PV based power plants will become an exciting business opportunity. Solar photovoltaic electricity generation worldwide is more prominent through solar PV than through solar thermal. Thus it becomes very important and in fact a necessity for an inverter manufacturer to make a machine which is not only efficient but also reliable. In TBEA, our R&D department regularly works on the path to bring the best technology solutions with the maximum efficiency which goes up to 99%. The company owns a professional R&D team which is mainly formed by doctors and masters,and their manufacturing experience of electrical devices is over 70 years,which makes TBEA a reliable Solar Inverter Brand. Also, our most efficient manufacturing facilities help us match the average price of Indian Market trend.Along with our widespread service network, the Solar Power plant owners may get the maximum out of the sun.

Q. Shed some light on the technology aspects of your Inverters which has been taken care while designing so that it can sustain variable climate of India.

Solar PV inverter is a machine which can convert Solar PV DC power to AC power. The actual challenges come up when you need to resist various factors, one of which is climate in India. Our R&D team regular keeps an eye on the performance of inverter installed at various location sites. TBEA is very keen towards internal site surveys and fault rectification actions, which makes TBEA learn on day to day basis. R&D team regularly works and seeks on development of technologies to improve the already best performance of the inverter solutions. With the help of patented temperature control solutions,TBEA inverters sustain variable climate of India.

Q. How do you ensure that you fulfill TBEA’s commitment to bring smarter and greener solutions in India?

The company has successively undertaken “11th national five year plan” science-technology key programs and more than thirty provincial scientific research projects. It has become the unit of national 863 key projects, who is responsible for “Research on Hundred-megawatt PV System Design and Integration Technology and Development of Key Equipment “and” Development of PV,Micro-grid bidirectional Inverter and Research on Key Technology”. The company is one of the enterprises which has mastered a number of core technology independent research and development in PV grid inverter field. Further, TBEA plans to grow more in terms of technology solutions. TBEA launched its 1500V solutions in India market, which are being appreciated and readily accepted by our Clients and Prospects.

Q. What kind of market share will you have by end of this year?

TBEA Xián Electric Technology Co. Ltd., has completed its 2GW orders in India market, and almost 1GW is installed on ground. Further, TBEA is planning to target another 1GW orders by 2018-19, making a cumulative order quantity of 3GW. TBEA is also planning to come up with India factory, which will not only support after sales service to the clients, but also help to deliver Solar Inverters in much lesser time adding to the convenience to the end customers.

Q. Please list some of your key achievements of last 1 year.

2017 was a good year for all and for TBEA as well. During last year TBEA has been very aggressive in Sales parameters and a regular growth in team is noticed. TBEA has a plan to dig out more in India market, so we can sustain our reputation we’ve earned in India.TBEA also, announced that a factory was set up in India last year which is planned to be founded by mid of 2018. TBEA launched its most compact 1500V solutions in India market coming in capacity of 1500V 3.75MW Outdoor Solution and 1500V 5MW Outdoor Solution.

TBEA inverters

(TC2500KF/TC3125KF/ TC3750KF/TC5000KF )

Q. How has the response in the utility Scale solar market been? What are the key challenges faced by you in this sector.

Utility scale solar market of India has been good and responsive. TBEA inverters have earned a good name within India market and a result of which TBEA has achieved 2GW Sales order by now and still counting. Challenges are what you earn when you grow, and TBEA also face issues when the overall cost of project bids lowers to an extent of Rs2.44/Watt. But, TBEA have a mindset to support its clients with the best IT technology, services and prices, which keeps us motivated and on-going.

Q. How do you address any service related query (if any) for your products? What is the turnaround time for that?

TBEA has a widespread service network dedicated for India market. TBEA has dedicated service teams allocated regionally in the nearby areas of TBEA PV inverter installed sites. TBEA has 2 spare parts warehouses in North and South region which are timely updated with the mandatory spares and other necessary spare parts. We offers 99% uptime warrant, which is taken care in a strict manner. Further, TBEA has certain service policies shared with clients, helping them to generate maximum out of the Sun.

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