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Researchers develop a solar-powered water purifier

The sun evaporates the water in the solar powered purifier. During this process, salt, bacteria or other unwanted elements are left behind as the liquid moves into a gaseous state. The water vapor then cools and returns to a liquid state, where it is collected in a separate container without the salt or contaminants.  You’ve […]

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Scientists At MTU Develops Brand-New Way To Synthesize Sodium-Embedded Carbon Nanowalls

A little sodium goes a long way. At least that’s the case in carbon-based energy technology. Specifically, embedding sodium in carbon materials can tremendously improve electrodes. Scientists at Michigan Technological University invented a method to take a material out of theory and make it into a real electrode. They ran tests on the sodium-embedded carbon […]

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Solar Cells Made With Tin Could Make Solar Power Cheaper And More Widespread

A research team from University of Warwick lead by Dr. Ross Hatton and Professor Richard Walton explained how solar cells could be produced which are more adaptable and simpler to produce than their current counterparts. Researchers note that solar cells made with tin could lead to a more widespread use of solar power, with potential […]

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Researchers sets New Record for Silicon-based Multi-junction Solar Cell with 30.2 Percent Efficiency

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE together with the Austrian company EV Group (EVG) has developed a silicon-based multi-junction solar cell with two contacts and record efficiency of 30.2 % exceeding theoretical limit of silicon solar cells. To achieve this efficiency, researchers used a “direct wafer bonding” process to transfer a […]

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Researchers develop flexible solar panel that can become part of window shades or wallpaper

A research team Led by Shashank Priya has developed flexible solar panels that can become part of window shades or wallpaper capturing light from the sun as well as light from sources inside buildings. The solar modules which are said to be less than half-a-millimeter thick are created through a screen-printing process using low-temperature titanium […]

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LUT developed new model shows the functioning of an electricity system that fulfills the targets set by Paris agreement

Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) has developed a new model that shows how an electricity system mainly based on solar and wind works in all regions of the world. The new model also shows the functioning of an electricity system that fulfills the targets set by the Paris agreement by using only renewable energy sources.  […]

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Researchers at University of Virginia discover wider use of new solar cells

Despite the potential for powering the world with energy from the sun – the most abundant source of renewable energy – only about 1 percent of the world’s energy production currently comes through solar cell technology. That’s because solar cells are expensive to produce and are susceptible to efficiency reductions over time. For this reason, […]

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This solar-charged battery directly stores energy from sunlight in a tank

Researchers at University of Wisconsin–Madison have developed solar-charged battery that directly stores energy from sunlight in a tank. Song Jin, a professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, has integrated the solar cell with a large-capacity battery. He and his colleagues have made a single device that eliminates the usual intermediate step of making […]

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SolPad: Bringing the Solar Technology in a Single Pack

Solar panels installed at the roof, while batteries placed at the garage or basement- that’s what a typical solar power system looks like. But things are about to change now. The SunCulture Solar, a four year old start-up, led by entrepreneur and inventor Christopher Estes seems eager to make the Solar Panels and Storage One. […]

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