Tata Nexon, Ola Electric, Hero Electric, Ather Most Preferred EV Brands: Statiq Survey

Tata Nexon, Ola Electric, Hero Electric, Ather Most Preferred EV Brands: Statiq Survey Yokohama Rubber’s First Truck/Bus Tire to be Used as OE on EV

A recent survey by Statiq on the developments in the Indian EV sector has some interesting findings.

The study points out that several industry giants are committing to electric vehicles and net zero goals. Automakers, at the same time, are setting sights on a fully electric future. Some of these name include the likes of BMW, General Motors, Volvo, Mercedes.

Further, the findings of the survey are rather telling.

State-wise EV Policies 

The survey sheds light on how conducive the policies are for EV adoption in the five states of Karnataka, Hyderabad, Delhi, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana- the major respondents for the survey.

In Karnataka, several significant initiatives are being taken to encourage widespread EV adoption. State goals include 100% fleet and commercial electric mobility by 2030 in Bengaluru. At the same time, 1000 EV buses are to be introduced by BMTC, KSRTC and other such corporations in the policy period. Several other measures are being taken up in this direction.

Haryana has set similar targets with the state eyeing 100% of bus fleet owned by state transport undertakings into electric by 2029. It is also looking at 100% conversion of bus fleet in Gurugram and Faridabad by 2024 among other initiatives.

Maharashtra will be investing 25,000 crore in e-mobility space.  The state has set a target of 5 lakh EVs in the state.

In Delhi, 25% of new vehicles are to be electric in 2024. 4W fleet of government organisations are to be transmitted to EV.

Uttar Pradesh, on the other hand, is looking to make EV adoption easier with provision of single window clearance system. It will also make it mandatory for public parking spaces to have charging stations.


While the states have set ambitious targets, there are headwinds to them as well that will need to be addressed, the study finds. Each state has challenges particular to them. For instance, Maharashtra has less visibility of EVs on road. Delhi has a fixed consumer behaviour and mindset. Haryana, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh have the common challenge of the lack of mechanism to avail subsidies/ tax rebates and schemes.

The Big Switch

The study further shares that 86% of people are open to switching to EV. 55% of this figure is very likely to make the transition. This particular part of the study is further compartmentalised into four wheeler, two wheeler and both two wheeler along with four wheeler.

Brand Preferences

Interestingly, the study has ventured into consumer preferences with regards to brands. Tata Nexon is the preferred EV car for customers. For two wheelers, Ather, Ola Electric and Hero Electric are the brands most preferred by consumers. Tata Motors boasts of the highest sales, the study reveals.

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