BLUETTI’s AC500 Portable Storage Launches

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With its focus on solar powered portable storage, Bluetti has done a good job of opening up the market

BLUETTI’s AC500 Portable Storage Launches

Nevada, US headquartered portable power station provider, BLUETTI will formally introduce its brand-new model AC500. According to the company, the AC500 solar generator is a replacement for the AC300 solar generator. The company claims that it is entirely modular and devoid of any integrated batteries. An expansion battery pack, the B300 is being launched as well.

Large solar generators typically come in impressive sizes. The modular architecture of the AC500, however, can drastically lower the size and weight of the device overall while improving the flexibility of how each battery pack is carried and how the capacity is customised to meet different demands and circumstances.

Lightning-fast refueling, prepared for takeoff

According to the company, BLUETTI is committed to creating a future powered by renewable energy and offering a cost-effective way to go solar. The market-leading maximum power point tracker (MPPT) solar inverter in the AC500 allows for a maximum solar input of 3000W, which is unmatched in the industry. It comes as no surprise that recharging it in direct sunlight from 0% to 80% SOC only takes about 1.5 hours. There is an endless supply of power where there is sunlight.

Dual recharging through AC and solar concurrently can attain an AC500+2*B300S combo’s maximum input rate of 8000W (requires at least 2*B300S), fully recharging the battery packs at breakneck speed (0 to 80% in ONE HOUR). It’s time to say goodbye to the outdated gasoline generators that emit dangerous fumes and make obnoxious noises.

Impressive performance and temperature adaptation

The company also claims that the modern technologies and fresh concepts are always adopted by BLUETTI to elevate the user experience. Power plants aren’t quick enough, especially on chilly days. The B300S will now automatically warm up to above 0°C when the surrounding temperature is -20°C thanks to the Temperature Adaptive Function, ensuring it can function normally.

PV400 solar panel raises the bar for PV charging

BLUETTI will also introduce a new solar panel, the PV400, which features cutting-edge double-glazed technology and will undoubtedly increase the efficiency of solar input.

Pricing information for the AC500 solar generator +B300S combo and PV400 solar panel will be made available on Indiegogo. Pricing-wise, BLUETTI offers a sizable debut discount for the AC500 solar generator +B300S combo at just $2999.

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