GUS Technology Opens Taiwan’s First Battery Gigafactory

Highlights :

  • The total investment in the overall construction of the Jhongli gigafactory has reached NT$4 billion.
  • GUS Technology also joins hands with international partners to create a lithium battery ecosystem; production expectred in third quarter of 2023.
GUS Technology Opens Taiwan’s First Battery Gigafactory

GUS Technology has inaugurated and opened Taiwan’s first battery gigafactory in Jhongli Industrial Park.  The firm’s facility will help in Taiwan’s lithium battery industry reach a new milestone. GUS Technology focuses on lithium titanate (LTO) and NCM material systems. The factory entered into the design, development, and manufacturing of battery modules for EVs and energy storage since the end of 2019. The total investment in the overall construction of the Jhongli gigafactory has reached NT$4 billion.

The battery gigafactory that is completed and inaugurated by GUS Technology is first of its kind in Taiwan that will produce large-scale lithium batteries. The gigafactory is planning to start production in the third quarter of 2023, and the production capacity will grow from 250MWh to more than 1GWh in the second quarter of 2024.

Dr. CC Chang, Chairman of GUS Technology said, “With the integration of Taiwan’s industrial resources and talents with innovative resources and core technologies, GUS Technology has enabled Taiwan to secure a key position in the international energy market with its high-end and customized R&D capabilities. The world will soon see Taiwan’s battery R&D innovation and manufacturing strength.”

Simultaneously, GUS Technology has also announced the signing of a MOU with international partners including Echion Technologies of the UK, Beyonder of Norway and Midwest Energy of India to collaborate in different aspects like battery cell anode materials, energy storage equipment, and raw materials.

GUS Technology has the research and development competence of upstream materials, cell design, and manufacturing and modules to application end. It has introduced high-quality materials into battery manufacturing, optimized the overall product yield, and developed lithium batteries with independent technology that has the characteristics of high safety, high discharge rate, high storage power, wide working temperature range, and long cycle life.

GUS Technology says that it aims to make Taiwan a R&D and manufacturing center for key materials of new energy batteries and key components of high-end equipment in the world and also promote circular economy of Taiwan’s lithium battery.

The Facility

Taiwan’s first battery gigafactory has two buildings: a main production base to manufacture lithium battery cells, and a R&D center. In addition, the gigafactory implements energy saving and carbon reduction measures and adopts a green and low-carbon emission plan, allowing the improved equipment in the gigafactory to save more than 70,000,000kWh of electricity annually.

The gigafactory also has a wastewater recycling mechanism to effectively save water resources. Finally, GUS Technology conducts strict carbon footprint inspections to meet international standards in order to contribute to environmental sustainability.

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