Growatt Brings In Smart EV Charger To India

Highlights :

  • Growatt has marked its entry into the EV charging space with Thor, a versatile EV charger
  • For many solar inverter firms, the entry into the EV charging space is a natural progression in their existing business
Growatt Brings In Smart EV Charger To India Smart EV charging system

Growatt has launched its new ‘Thor’ series smart EV charger which, with extensive compatibility, can be used with all brands of solar systems and EVs in both residential and commercial scenarios. The chargers are available in AC and DC formats, the former also having 3/7kW and 11/22kW versions.

The Thor chargers come in a white colour with arc shapes to present a simple yet fashionable appearance. A front panel integrates a touch screen and a card reading area, catering to customers’ needs for an optimal user experience.

Thor is integrated into ‘GroHome’, an IoT system developed by Growatt, which allows users to conduct remote, multi-zone and voice control plus hot key and smart scheduling on their devices. With the ‘ShinePhone’ app, users can remotely control and monitor the real-time status of charging as well as schedule different charging modes through multiple connection methods, including WiFi, LAN port and 4G.

growatt thor

Smart EV charging system

Thor supports three different charging modes — fast, off-peak and PV linkage. With fast mode the EVs can be charged with maximum speed, while off-peak mode allows users to charge their EVs during off-peak hours with the resultant reduction in grid charges. Though not prevalent in India yet, the off-peak option is one step more towards allowing EV’s to balance out the grid, seen as a key plus in the ling term in a renewable powered grid.

PV linkage mode is the highlight of the series and is what makes Thor a favoured charger for customers. When combined with a PV system, it enables the charger to harness only solar power to charge the EV, achieving a higher solar self-consumption rate and zero charge from the grid.

Thor’s advanced built-in type A+ 6mA DC fault protection saves the cost of installing an extra 6mA DC RCD, while its smart load balancing function can dynamically adjust charging according to the limitations of a home’s power capacity, avoiding breaking the fuse and causing a power outage, thus enhancing customer safety.

Growatt has highlighted the following Salient Features –

  • Compatible with all branded EV
  • Integration in existing & new-installed PV system
  • APP smart control & smart scheduling
  • IP65 design for indoor or outdoor use
  • Charge EV with 100% renewable energy by surplus solar power

The launch by an established brand in the solar inverters space marks a step forward for the EV charging ecosystem that is evolving fast. As larger and familiar brands enter the segment with their backing in terms of service and quality, it will support faster adoption of EV’s too.

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