Euler Motors Partners Magenta for 1000 HiLoad Electric Vehicle deployment

Highlights :

  • Magenta will deploy Euler electric vehicles first in Bangalore and then to other regions of India in the next 12 months.
  • Euler said that the first batch of 20 HiLoad electric vehicles will reach Magenta this week.

Euler Motors, has announced it has tied up with Magenta for the deployment of 1000 HiLoad electric vehicles – the electric 3-wheeler cargo vehicles. Euler is an electric vehicle company and Magenta is an integrated clean energy and electric mobility solutions provider.

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In the partnership, Magenta will deploy Euler electric vehicles first in Bangalore and then to other regions of India in the coming 12 months. The key cities  being targeted for the electric vehicle deployments include Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore amongst many others.

The official statement of Euler said that it has already started delivering its EVs for Magenta. It said that the first batch of 20 HiLoad electric vehicles will reach Magenta this week. Euler says that its EVs will be deployed in multiple segments and customer applications that would include ecommerce, food delivery, pharma and related last-mile logistics clients.

In the present collaboration, Euler Motors will have the responsibility of vehicle deliveries and service support through its established full stack ecosystem. Magenta shall manage customer deployments and support credit access for EV financing for the EV drivers.

Saurav Kumar, Founder and CEO, Euler Motors, said, “Magenta and Euler Motors are well-aligned with each other, both founded on a premise to create a clean energy ecosystem in India with segment first innovation and solutions; we’re happy to be partnering with Magenta to deploy our highly powered HiLoad EVs for sustainable transportation. This partnership is a testimony of our thriving vision, and of HiLoad’s unique value proposition which sets it apart in the industry.”

Darryl Dias, Co-founder & Director, Magenta, added, “Magenta’s mission has always been to enable clean mobility. We are thrilled to be adding an environmentally friendly electric fleet to address the ever-increasing need for last-mile logistics and transportation. Our strong intention is to assist e-commerce and logistics enterprises in scaling up while keeping their sustainability and cost-effectiveness goals in mind.”

Euler is increasing its collaborations for greater deployment as the EV demand outlook is robust in the country. It had recently announced an additional investment of Rs 200 crore to give a push to its production to 35000 units annually.

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