eBikeGo to Recycle EV Batteries Waste, Ties Up with Solar Manufacturers

eBikeGo to Recycle EV Batteries Waste, Ties Up with Solar Manufacturers

The country is running fast towards electric vehicles (EV) adoption, many states have given subsidies on EV purchase and exempted taxes or registration fees to push the EV adoption. But, to what extent it is ecofriendly and not polluting the environment?

EV Battery waste is an upcoming issue that needs to be taken care of and to do so, an EV mobility solution provider, eBikeGo has started a drive to recycle the lithium-ion batteries of their EVs. Under this strategy, every type of battery can be recycled including Lead-acid and all types of Li-ion batteries. eBikeGo wants to tie up with solar plant manufacturers to enable the second life of their battery.

Additionally, to not generate e-waste, eBikeGo is exploring partnerships with e-waste managing entities. The by-products of the recycled batteries will depend on the process, the battery chemistry, and many other factors. They are enabling the use of these recycled batteries in old laptops and such by installing operating systems such as Linux that can work well with old laptops and still keep using it.

“In FY 2020, high-speed electric two-wheeler vehicles (scooters and motorcycles) reported sales of 27,260 units and the numbers will increase in the coming years. Simultaneously, there will be an increase in the number of the disposed of batteries. So, this year, our target is to work towards green and clean air and help to reduce pollution substantially,” said Dr. Irfan Khan, founder & CEO of eBikeGo.

Consequently, solar plants will play an important role in the second life of the battery, to bring down the cost of solar energy and increase its availability. These battery recycling drives will be done in all tier 1 and tier 2 cities where eBikeGo is currently operational. These batteries can be recycled in the plants that would be settled away from the cities.

Earlier in October 2020, eBikeGo tied up with EV firm Ampere to supply 2,000 Electric Scooters. The company claims, eBikeGo is India’s largest smart electric mobility platform offering an electronic mode of transportation that runs for around 100 km after an electronic charge for about 3 hrs and makes the daily movement zippy with a speed of 55 km/ hr.

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