Sofar Solar Academy Opens 1st Lecture in India, Releases 1500V Inverter in India

Sofar Solar Academy Opens 1st Lecture in India, Releases 1500V Inverter in India

SOFAR SOLAR Academy opened its first lecture in India. The Indian team of SOFAR SOLAR and more than 60 industry professionals from Punjab participated in the event. At the same time, SOFAR SOLAR held the press conference of 1500V 255KW inverter in Indian market, marking the official entry of 1500V 255KW inverter into the Indian market. Since then, there are more reliable and stable inverter choices for Indian industrial and commercial power stations and ground power stations.

Brijesh Prajapati

Mr. Brijesh Prajapati, the head of India, introduced that SOFAR SOLAR started its marketing layout in the India in 2015 and has set up branches, storage centers, sales centers and service centers in India to provide more convenient local services for local customers. Based on the local power grid structure, photovoltaic standards, policies and market environment, SOFAR SOLAR has developed a series of market and product research and development strategies, seized the opportunity to enter the market and sprung up to prominence. It has provided inverters to local government power stations, farm power stations, industrial and commercial power stations, and household power stations with a total shipment of more than 600MW. It has become a household inverter brand in India and won some honors such as “The Best Inverter Company in India’’, “Top Rooftop Inverter Brand” and so on by many well-known institutions in India. At the same time, SOFAR SOLAR inverters are far ahead in the industry in terms of product technology, which have obtained the BIS certification at first time. With the launch of 1500V 255KW inverter, SOFAR SOLAR market share in India will increase to a new growth point.


Mr. Brijesh Prajapati said that the successful opening of SOFAR SOLAR Academy for the first time in India, on the one hand, thanks to IB SOLAR and the strong support from our customers in Punjab, on the other hand, the 1500V 255KW inverter would officially enter the Indian market to provide more types of power stations with reliable and stable inverter choices.


As 1500V 255KW has been launched in various application markets around the world, it has become the focus of the whole industry, which is attributed to its integration of various core advantages to provide strong product and technical support for customers.

1. Single 15A current input, compatible with high-power double-sided panels

2. 1500V lower DC line loss, supporting larger subarray

3. 12-MPPT design & single-MPPT supporting 30A maximum input

4. IP66 protection grade for whole machine to ensure strong environmental adaptability

5. High precision intelligent string monitoring

6. String detection and I-V scanning to ensure quick and accurate location of abnormal strings

7. Optional AFCI DC Arc Fault protection to ensure the safety of the power station

8. Better topology & higher power density to save cable and construction costs

9. Supporting remote upgradation and intelligent monitoring

At the event site, the Indian team of SOFAR SOLAR introduced in detail about the industry development policies, the technology development direction of PV, energy storage and battery charging, and the planning and layout in the market, technology, products, services and other aspects, and also they answered the existing questions one by one from the clients. Meanwhile, the relevant person in charge of IB SOLAR also explained from the market, installation, and service aspect. The event was a complete and satisfactory success.

SOFAR SOLAR Academy is the most technical knowledge sharing and learning platform created by SOFAR SOLAR in 2021 based on the core content like the industry policy focus, PV, energy storage and battery charging technology exchange, system Q&A, and service orientation training system, which will be put into practice in its main market to benefit all partners around the world.

press release by Sofar Solar

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