Superior Battery Swapping Infrastructure Can Change the Entire EV Ecosystem

This year’s Budget was very important for the EV Industry as the Indian government has introduced a battery swapping policy and created higher standards for the growth of India’s electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. The battery swapping policy and interoperability standards for electric vehicles (EVs) announced by the government in the Budget aim to address one […]

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eBikeGo To Establish Manufacturing Plant For Domestic, Global Market

The electric two-wheeler mobility platform eBikeGo has announced its plans to expand footprint beyond the shores. Popular brands like Muvi and Velocipedo of eBikeGo will make their presence felt in a new market outside of India when the new manufacturing plant begins to produce electric bikes through subsidiary arm, Vajram Electric. Not just powertrain, but […]

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Disruptive Tech Trends Transforming The Shape Of EV Industry

In 2020, before the pandemic shook up the world, especially the Indian automotive industry, electric vehicles were moving steadily into the spotlight. The total annual sales of different types of electric vehicles such as battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles in the year 2019 crossed over the two-million-vehicle mark. But even due to the […]

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eBikeGo, Log9 Materials In Partnership For 10-min Superfast Charging Technology for Velocipedo

eBikeGo an electric two-wheeler mobility platform, has recently partnered with Bengaluru-headquartered advanced battery technology start-up Log9 Materials to launch their 10-minute Superfast Charging Technology (InstaCharge technology) for their upcoming electric trike, Velocipedo. Both the companies have entered into a long-term partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). With this partnership, eBikeGo aims to disrupt […]

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Battery Swapping For Electric Vehicles And Ways To Lead The Change

By Dr. Irfan Khan Electric vehicles are becoming more visible with the increasing use cases in the commercial vehicle space. Many manufacturers and solution providers are working on measures to make EVs more affordable, easy to charge and economical to operate. One such technology that gives all these benefits to fleet operators is battery swapping. […]

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eBikeGo to Install 1 Lakh Smart EV Charging Stations Across 7 Cities

eBikeGo, a leading electric two-wheeler mobility platform, has created an economical IoT-enabled smart charging solution, eBikeGo Charge, which can be accessed via the eBikeGo Charge Mobile App. Wi-fi enabled, it can even monitor real-time charging statistics for a seamless charging experience, said the company. Indian 2 Wheeler unit sales stood at 21.2 million units in […]

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eBikeGo Unveils New Electric Moto-scooter Starting at Rs. 79,999

eBikeGo, a leading electric two-wheeler mobility platform, has announced the debut of ‘RUGGED’, a sustainable and sturdy electric moto-scooter. With the government’s recent announcement that electric vehicles will not be subject to road tax, the G1’s base model could end up costing substantially less than fuel 2-wheelers, said the company. Beginning in November 2021, deliveries will […]

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eBikeGo Expands 7 Times as Online Deliveries Increase During Pandemic

E2W Firm eBikeGo shows growth during the pandemic amid rising demand for online deliveries. The two waves of the Covid-19 pandemic led to myriad business and economic uncertainties. Working through a tough time, the country’s entrepreneurs are working to steadily grow their businesses back to pre-pandemic levels or even beyond it. eBikeGo, India’s smart electric […]

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