Blink Charging Deploys EV Chargers having Local Load Management Capability

Nasdaq-listed Blink Charging, a leading owner and operator of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, has deployed first of its kind four EV chargers having local load management capability.

Blink Charging Deploys EV Chargers

The company further claimed that this installation can allow up to twenty EV chargers to be deployed on a single circuit.

Significantly, it can result in lower installation costs, and also provide fast charging experience for drivers.

Moreover, this innovative design will allow equal output to each charging station based on the number of stations being used at a single point of time.

At a time an EV is charging, it will receive a maximum output of approx 20 kWh, however, when other EVs connect, the load will be equally shared among all of them.

Additionally, this system will automatically redistribute the output after one vehicle completes its charging, though it’s still plugged into the station.

Commenting on the development, Michael D. Farkas, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blink Charging, said that “we are incredibly excited to be deploying anywhere from two to 20 chargers with local load management.”

Farkas further added that “it will change the conversation from ‘Can our community afford to install them?’ to ‘How soon can we have them?’ The future-proof design of the IQ 200 contemplated this advanced capability, and it was intentionally built into the initial product design. The advanced charger intelligence supports multiple charging ports while delivering the fastest level 2 charge possible. When installed on a single electric circuit, it can help minimize installation costs.”

The company claimed that this new functionality will allow EV charger load to be best matched with the power available at the facility, thereby, minimizing installation costs and eliminating electric service upgrades.

“This is a game-changer, especially for multifamily residences where power availability is often limited. This advancement in charging technology is good business for Blink, and it’s great for the environment,” continued Farkas.

The Blink IQ 200 is the only charger on the market capable of local load management across four or more charging stations.

Future upgrades will include the ability to allow up to 20 EVs to be plugged in and queued to charge overnight in sequence.

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