A Look At EV Chargers In the No.1 Country By EV Share, Norway

A Look At EV Chargers In the No.1 Country By EV Share, Norway

It is well known that the share of electric cars in Norway is hitting new highs each month. In May this year, plug in vehicles dominated with over 83 percent market share in new registrations. With the Ford Mustang Electric leading the pack. How does Norway ensure EV owners never stress on charging? We look at how just one charging provider, Circle K Stores, delivers with its EV Charging stations.

Circle K  Inc. is an international chain of convenience stores, owned by the Canadian multinational Alimentation Couche-Tard. The US-headquartered Circle K claims to be number one for electric vehicle (EV) charging offers in Norway.

Circle K operates a high-speed charging network with more than 500 chargers on its forecourts in Norway. These are company-owned high-speed EV hyperchargers with a maximum capacity of 300 kW. At its busiest Norwegian Circle K highway locations, the sites are equipped with 20-40 fast chargers. In downtown Oslo, Circle K was the first to begin replacing fuel pumps with high-speed chargers. Circle K has also expanded its offer with over 4,200 home and workplace charge points.

Recently a Norwegian YouTuber posting videos about Electric cars since 2013, Bjørn Nyland posted a video reviewing the Circle K store located by a new National Highway in Norway. You can watch the complete video here.

The Store has a gas filling station equipped with 300 kW fast EV hyperchargers along with fuel-based pumps. The EV hypercharger located there is in two versions, with different charging capacities.

Additionally, the store also has a battery storage system, a transformer for the EV chargers, and not only the EV chargers, Circle K even has a solar-paneled rooftop on its convenience store as it makes sustainability an integral part of its business.

Offering up high quality EV charging for its customers while they shop, or even otherwise, has certainly opened up new opportunities for the retailer, besides a favoured destination too. There’s a lesson in that for large retailers across the world!

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