Visaka’s ATUM Enters Into EV Charging Segment

Hyderabad-based Visaka Industries Limited which has multiple product portfolios, ranging from corrugated cement sheets and fiber cement boards to hybrid solar roofs and human-made fiber yarn has announced its entry into three new business segments. One of them includes the electric vehicle (EV) segment too.

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Visaka led the manufacturer of an integrated solar roofing system that serves all the functions of a traditional roof while generating energy called  ATUM. And now it has  introduced solar-powered EV charging station, ‘AtumCharge’ (one of the three segments).

ATUM announced setting up around 10 charging stations in the major metro cities in its first phase. Also, the company declared it will be leveraging its ATUM solar roof product at its EV charging stations. As per the company’s claims, ATUMCharge will also be partnering with other EV charging station providers.

Interestingly, Visaka is also opening a chain of retail stores, ‘ATUMLife’ (second business segment), that will offer eco-friendly green products such as ATUM solar roof, apparel made with sustainable yarn, organic detergents, sustainable consumables, EVs, and reusable kitchenware and cutlery, among others. Visaka Industries is thinking of opening 10 ATUMLife stores in metros across India.

Furthermore, the company will also be developing a range of products as ‘Vnext Solutions’ (third segment) that will offer services to handle turnkey building projects. It will provide fiber cement boards that are a sustainable alternative to gypsum and plywood.

Back in February 2021, SaurEnergy interviewed Vamsi Gaddam, Joint Managing Director at ATUM, where he talked about the firm saying, “ATUM came about out of a need for us to look at emerging market needs. There was a demand for more sustainable options, and combining solar generation with a rooftop was a challenge we set ourselves.”

In its full year results for 2021, the firm has a turnover of Rs 1154 crores, and Profit After tax of Rs 110.64 crores. A 9.25 percent  and 124 percent rise respectively over the previous year.

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