Yash Jain

MicroSun Solar Resumes Manufacturing amidst Strict Safety Measures

Amidst strict measures followed as per the government directives, MicroSun Solar, a solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing company, has resumed operations at its Bangalore factories and opened all warehouses across the country. While talking to Saur Energy, the company informed that “it has resumed operations from May 04, 2020, onwards, in compliance with all the […]

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Demand for Domestic Products Increased After China’s Covid-19 Incidence: Yash Jain

Solar panel prices, production, and supply are poised to continue to be in turmoil in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak. Yes, the demand for domestic products have increased tremendously after China’s COVID-19 incidence. However, the industry is also facing shortage of raw material as compared to the demand. Also, we are coming up with […]

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