MicroSun Solar Resumes Manufacturing amidst Strict Safety Measures

MicroSun Solar Resumes Manufacturing amidst Strict Safety Measures

Amidst strict measures followed as per the government directives, MicroSun Solar, a solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing company, has resumed operations at its Bangalore factories and opened all warehouses across the country.

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While talking to Saur Energy, the company informed that “it has resumed operations from May 04, 2020, onwards, in compliance with all the safety guidelines and directives issued by the Central and State governments, and local administration to safeguard the employees, labourers, and all other stakeholders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

Most of the companies across the country had earlier in March shut down their operations post the government order for a lockdown amidst the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Commenting on the current situation amidst in which the company resumed operations, Yash Jain, Chief Marketing Officer, MicroSun Solar Tech Pvt Ltd, told to Saur Energy that “it is crucial to adapt to the present-day need while the Government is working towards restoring the supply chain. Starting the production with new stringent guidelines from the Ministry of Home Affairs is a basic step to provide a safe working environment to our employees and prepare for the requisites of full-scale production in the near future.”

“Comprehensive protocols have been put in place to ensure that there is full compliance of the safety and social distancing norms. Wearing of masks is mandatory for everyone, the body temperature of every individual is monitored twice a day and anyone showing signs of sickness is prohibited from entering the manufacturing facility,” he commented.

The company is a provider of end-to-end solar PV solutions ranging from manufacturing solar PV modules to solar projects.

On asking about some of the major clients, Jain added, “our solar solutions are successfully powering Indian Army, hospitals, colleges, schools, corporates, petrol pumps, lakhs of homes, businesses, commercial & industrial (C&I) entities.”

“Our brand has garnered a lot of attention in the marketplace in India for over 12 years now. By integrating research and development, manufacturing, and commercial expertise across the entire solar value chain,” he further said.

Meanwhile, the company’s offerings includes – solar PV modules, solar water pumping systems, solar power projects (rooftop/ ground-mounted), solar home/ lighting systems, solar EPC etc.

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