Vic Shao

Energy Major BP Acquires US EV Charging Provider Amply Power

Energy giant BP has acquired Amply Power, an electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management provider for fleets that operate trucks, transit and school buses, vans and light-duty vehicles. By 2030, BP aims to nearly double earnings from its global convenience and mobility businesses – increasing from around $5 billion in 2019 – while delivering […]

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EV Charging Startup Gets Backing of Siemens, Soros Fund Management

Electric Vehicle (EV) charging startup Amply Power has secured USD 13.2 million in Series A funding from investors including Siemens Financial Services and Soros Fund Management to advance its services for commercial fleets. The company, founded by serial entrepreneur Vic Shao, helps commercial fleet operators to go electric by providing EV charging infrastructure with fixed […]

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