European Hydrogen Plans Expand, With 40,000 Km Pipeline Network by 2040

Industry association European Hydrogen Backbone (EHB) has recently updated its vision for a dedicated hydrogen transport infrastructure across Europe, now proposing to build an 11,600 km (which was 6,800 km last year) hydrogen transportation network by 2030, which would come up to 39,700 km (as opposed to 23,000 km estimated last year) by 2040, aiming to […]

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Industrial Solar Arm Inks Pact with UNIPER for Solar Process Heat

With an aim to use solar process heat in place of thermal in the industry, solar energy equipment provider Industrial Solar Holding Europe AB, via its wholly owned subsidiary, German Industrial Solar has signed a cooperation agreement with UNIPER SE. The move came after the company analyses the huge potential of solar process heat in […]

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