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Iraq Looks To Develop 5,000 MW Solar Power Projects Next Year

Iraq is bullish on the growth of renewable energy in the country to decarbonise its energy sector while also reducing the electricity import bills. According to reports, Iraq – which is a member of Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) – is mulling over awarding solar power projects of a capacity of about 5000 […]

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Portugal Braces to Break 1 Rupee Tariff Barrier In Bids

Portugal, which held the title of the world’s lowest Tariffs at Rs 1.22 ($16.54/Mwh) approximately after the first round of its solar auctions last year, is set to break the 1 rupee barrier in the second round of auctions, results for which are to be announced today. The earlier record had been eclipsed by Qatar’s […]

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