Tongwei capacity

Tongwei Earns $462.3 Million Net Profit in H1 FY21

Chinese solar equipment manufacturer Tongwei saw an almost three-fold increase in its profits in the first half of 2021 as a result of prices rising throughout the solar value chain during this period. In H1 FY21, Tongwei’s operating revenue was RMB26.5 billion (US$4 billion), up nearly 42% year-on-year. Net profit nearly trebled to RMB3 billion […]

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 Behind TW Solar’s Tongwei Speed

Tongwei Solar  or TW Solar, as it is known in the industry, is probably not a name that comes up readily among a roll call of market leaders from China, especially for readers in India. But readers are missing something big here. The Size That Matters TW Solar is the world’s largest solar cell manufacturer […]

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