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GoodWe’s India Story Shines With 3GW Milestone, UT350kW Launch

Global inverter major GoodWe, which has over 52GW of installations worldwide, celebrated its India success story in style recently in Bengaluru. At an exclusive event titled “Unveiling a New Era in Solar Excellence” on February 2, 2024, at The Leela Palace in Bengaluru the firm formally showcased its latest UT350kW product for the Indian solar […]

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Growatt Brings ‘NEO 2000M-X’ Microinverter to Market 

Distributed energy solution provider, Growatt has launched its inaugural product in the microinverter category, the NEO 2000M-X. Microinverters are mainly designed for small residential rooftops or balconies and have garnered interest increasingly. With in-house R&D capabilities, Growatt microinverter series, the NEO 2000M-X highlights higher system productivity and yields with 2kW full power output, four MPP […]

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WattPower Starts Solar Inverter Factory In Chennai With 10GW Capacity 

Renewable solutions firm Wattpower has now started a string inverter factory in Tamil Nadu. The company claimed that the plant in the southern Indian state would produce solar inverters to aid the growth of the renewable energy sector in the country. The company has planned to produce solar inverters with 10GW capacity.  As per the […]

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I am Hopeful That Residential Will Once Again Be a Giga Watt Market For India

Going by shipment volume, Sungrow has been given the number one position by several sources. What would you attribute these increases in shipments to? Sungrow started its journey in India eight years back and for any Chinese company, it has never been easy to come to India and supply such large quantities. Sungrow, however, has […]

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Correct Use of Aluminum Core Cables in PV Systems

Grid transmission cables are usually aluminum core. Therefore, in the construction of PV plant projects in residential and commercial areas (especially household PV plant), many users will use aluminum core cables to directly interface with inverter output ports or circuit breakers ports. This can cause many safety problems. This Solis seminar will share the correct […]

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Solis Achieves Seven-star Customer Satisfaction Index Evaluation Certification

Zhejiang, China. Ginlong Technologies, a global leader in photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, has been selected as a winner in the Seven-star Customer Satisfaction Index Evaluation Certification awarded by the Chinese Association of Productivity & Science., Solis becomes the first and only inverter manufacturer to reach such a high-level of customer satisfaction. It reinforces Solis’ commitment […]

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Solis Recognized for R&D and Innovation by the National Development and Reform Committee

Solis has been nationally recognized for its R&D and innovation by the National Development and Reform Committee. Ginlong Technologies, a global leader in photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, has been selected as a winner in the National Enterprise Technology Center by Division for Innovation and High-tech Development by the National Development and Reform Commission. It marks […]

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15 years On, Ginlong Solis Is A Solar Champion

2020 might be a year most firms would like to forget, but for Ginlong Solis, the global inverter manufacturer, the year remains a key milestone on the firm’s journey to an ever-growing role in the global solar market. This year marks the firm’s 15th year of operations, a journey every stakeholder can look back with […]

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Solis 110kw String Inverter for Commercial Rooftop Applications

1. PRODUCT PROFILE Solis 110kW is designed to achieve low LCOE in commercial installations, increasing system returns through a more intelligent, reliable, efficient and secure string inverter technology solution. Solis is making full use of its fifth-generation technology platform in its new 110kW string inverter designed for commercial rooftop applications. The fifth-generation platform incorporates industry […]

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