Solis Achieves Seven-star Customer Satisfaction Index Evaluation Certification

Solis Achieves Seven-star Customer Satisfaction Index Evaluation Certification

Zhejiang, China. Ginlong Technologies, a global leader in photovoltaic string inverter manufacturing, has been selected as a winner in the Seven-star Customer Satisfaction Index Evaluation Certification awarded by the Chinese Association of Productivity & Science., Solis becomes the first and only inverter manufacturer to reach such a high-level of customer satisfaction. It reinforces Solis’ commitment to excellent service and that has now been recognized by both customers and the industry!

With the advancement of a globalization strategy, Solis understands that we must adapt to the differing requirements such as climate, geographical environment when exporting products to other countries and regions. 15 years on, and still focused on its original intention and mission, Solis can actively respond to different market needs and develops targeted products to meet those needs. Solis has after-sales centers across the world which can be reached quickly and provide a response within 24 hours.

“We feel so honored to have achieved this award. It is not only a national recognition of Solis’ existing service capabilities, but a reminder to continue to improve pre-sales, sales and after-sales services.” said Mr. Jonson, Customer Service Director of Solis Global HQ. As a leading manufacturer of string inverters, Solis has always put the needs of its customers at the center of its development.. Relying on the technology, R&D strength, local production and development capabilities, Solis is able to achieve a customized and differentiated product range and service. Its 1500V high-power solutions and 1100V conventional solutions can meet the application needs of different customers across the world, and creatively provide customers with the most valuable services.

Mr. Jonson & the wider Solis team takes pride in the importance of reputation and word of mouth referrals… From pre-sales service to after-sales service, businesses need everything to be delivering 100% to be considered or recommended by its customers. Moving forward, Solis will maintain its focus on “timely, efficient, high-quality, hassle-free” service.  Continuing its close relationship with its customers Solis will jointly create a new benchmark for service in the industry!

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