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Solar Pumps, Refrigerators To The Rescue In Benin, West Africa

In the Kalalé District of Benin, West Africa, basic health services are hard to come by. Historically, a lack of electrical infrastructure in this region has meant no power to pump clean water or refrigerate vaccines. That has now changed due to a recently completed project by the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), with funding from the Millennium Challenge […]

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Shakti Pumps Gets Patent for Inventing Switching Circuit To Start Single Phase-Induction Motor

Shakti Pumps Limited, a manufacturer of energy-efficient pumps and motors, has received a patent for inventing a “Switching Circuit To Start Single Phase-Induction Motor”. Intellectual Property India, a Ministry of Commerce & Industry Organisation awarded the patent to the firm, in accordance with the provisions of the Patents Act, 1970. It will hold a validity […]

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Pradeep Kumar’s Solar Trolley For Farmers Seeds A Successful Business

For Pradeep Kumar, who hails from a farming family in Haryana, becoming an entrepreneur in the solar business was always a plan, but he never imagined the shape it finally took. Starting in 2009 with a simple installation business focused on solar panels at farms to run water pumps and more, Pradeep realised that panel […]

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PM-KUSUM – The Solar Saviour?

The PM-KUSUM scheme seeks to be the ultimate gamechanger for energy security and the rural economy. We examine the early challenges that it is facing and come to a conclusion. It’s a great idea that will need tweaks to increase coverage, and some key policy interventions to get on schedule. By Prasanna Singh You know […]

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MicroSun Solar Resumes Manufacturing amidst Strict Safety Measures

Amidst strict measures followed as per the government directives, MicroSun Solar, a solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturing company, has resumed operations at its Bangalore factories and opened all warehouses across the country. While talking to Saur Energy, the company informed that “it has resumed operations from May 04, 2020, onwards, in compliance with all the […]

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There has Been Significant Uptick in Demand for Solar Products: Jatin Patel

I believe that there has been a significant increase in demand for solar energy products. Particularly due to the increasing awareness of the benefits of solar-powered products, affordability and abundance of solar companies in India. The introduction of refined government policies has left a fundamental impact on India’s solar market, by increasing the affordability and […]

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Hamlet in Harkhod Village to get Solar Hand Pumps Soon

The daily labor will soon come to an end as district administration has decided to set up three solar hand pumps in the area. Barely 5kms away from Saradr Sarovar Dam are the inhabitants of Tekra Faliya in Village Harkhod of Naswadi taluka who have to walk 3kms every day to fetch water for their […]

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Uttar Pradesh(UP) isn’t just known to be a political game changer in the Indian history, but the state with a hefty population of 204.2 million on a vast land area of 243,286 km², is the most potentially budding yet the least exploitative solar hotspot in the country. It has a brilliant solar radiation of an […]

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Solar water pump market in India struggles to take off

In 2014, PM Narendra Modi set a target to install 1 million solar water pumps, equivalent to approximately 3000 MW, for irrigation and drinking water by 2021. But actual cumulative installed base stood at merely 25000 pumps as of April 2016. The bleak performance is despite the government offering massive subsidies of as much as […]

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