Solar PV

Huawei Smart String Inverter Sun2000-45KTL-US-HV-D0

Product Brief: Huawei’s Fusion Home Smart Energy Solution aims to refine smart energy management, providing an easy-to-distribute, easy-to-install and easy-to-use solution that maximizes return on investment from installing solar PVs at home. Product Feature: 8 strings intelligent monitoring and fast trouble-shooting, Power Line Communication (PLC) supported, Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis supported, DC AFCI compliant to […]

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Gigawatt of Storage in 2018?

From a Gigawatt dream storing capacity to watt-hour storage, through decades the glorified history of technology is meekly stored with the wonk of storage development. The interdependency to make solar power modus operandi is the associated technology which can store the continuous flow of electricity and deliver it diligently on the time of respective requirement. […]

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Agfa and Ferbatt Sign Agreement For Distribution Of Solar PV Backsheet

Most solar PV panels use polyester films on their backside to electrically insulate and protect the solar cells and components. Since its launch in April 2017 at the SNEC Exhibition in Shanghai, People’s Republic of China, Agfa’s UNIQOAT backsheet film has enjoyed great interest from the global photovoltaic (PV) solar panel manufacturing industry. To respond […]

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List of Unsuccessful Bidders/ Developers: Implementation of 500MW Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV System Scheme for residential Buildings in different States / Union Territory of India under CAPEX / RESCO Model This has reference to the RfS documents (RfS No. SECI/Cont./01/2016/500 dated 22.04.2016) for Implementation of 500 MW Grid Connected Roof Top Solar PV […]

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University of New South Wales To Use 100 Percent Solar Energy

UNSW Sydney declared a tripartite plan with contract accomplices Maoneng Australia (Maoneng) and Origin Energy (Origin) for an offsite Solar PV Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (Solar PPA). In what is claimed to be a first for any college, University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Australia has inked a 15-year agreement to get 100 percent […]

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Sandstorm Withstanding Certified PV inverters by Ingeteam

Ingeteam’s two main PV inverters have both been certified to the IEC 60068-2-68 international standard by an external laboratory. Over the last few years, there has been a marked increase in the number of installations made in desert environments. This is due to the fact that deserts offer vast tracts of land at relatively cheap […]

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Cheap Chinese Imports Push Out Local Solar Players

Aside from a couple of enormous players, for example, Tata Power Solar, solar thermal makers are generally in the little or medium scale section and give around one lakh occupations. The National Solar Mission may have set an objective of 20 million m2 (meter square) solar thermal limit with ‘Make in India’ boards, however the […]

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