Solar PV

Construction Set to Begin on 55MW Solar PV Project in Kenya

The 55MW solar PV project, which will cost approximately US$116 million to develop, will stand as the largest solar plant ever developed in Africa. The Kenyan Rural Electrification Authority’s (REA) has approved the construction of a 55MW Solar PV Power plant in Garissa at a cost of Kshs 12.8 billion. The Authority will set up […]

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DSM introduces high performance Anti-Soiling coating for solar cover glass.

DSM’s Anti-Soiling coating brings direct performance improvements and indirect maintenance savings, boosting the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of PV solar projects.   DSM has unveiled its new Anti-Soiling (AS) coating for Photovoltaic (PV) solar glass. The new coating provides a unique combination of anti-soiling and anti-reflective properties, and is aimed specifically at PV modules […]

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SMARTER SOLAR: How IoT is Revolutionizing Solar Energy Efficiency

Solar energy is at the forefront of the present-day renewable energy space, making use of the widely abundant and freely available energy of the sun. Globally, solar energy companies have experienced an ever-increasing growth rate. This has resulted in large-scale solar plants with numerous physical assets distributed in remote and wide-spread areas. With such a […]

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Utility Scale O&M Practices

India has been moving ahead aggressively with an ambitious programme to reach an installed capacity of 100GW solar power by 2022. Many states are setting up Multi-megawatt solar power installations to herald the arrival of the renewable energy generation. Solar Power Plants are built to last 25 years or more. However, after the Engineering Procurement […]

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Agfa Introduces UNIQOAT Backsheet Films at PV SNEC 2017

Market introduction of Agfa’s UNIQOAT at PV SNEC 2017 to set a new standard in the contribution of backsheet to the efficiency and lifetime of solar modules At the occasion of SNEC 2017, Shanghai, Agfa Specialty Products announces the launch of UNIQOAT, its next generation of polyester-based backsheet products. Backsheet films are used in the […]

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Solar Cell-Process, Position and Bazaar

Solar cell or photovoltaic (PV) cell is a semiconductor material, which combines some properties of both metals and insulators making it uniquely capable of converting light into electricity. When light is absorbed by a semiconductor, photons of light can transfer their energy to electrons, allowing the electrons to flow through the material as electrical current. […]

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Solar Junction Box “The Black Wizard Bihind Panels”

With the rise of the solar industry during the past decade, demand for PV systems and their components has increased drastically. Best termed as the Balance of System (BoS), these solar system components are becoming significant and integrated part of the PV industry. The technological advancement in making of each component and constant innovative approach […]

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Hope for Micro Grids

While perennial sinking prices of renewable energy systems, integrating technologies such as photovoltaic rooftop systems and solar farms into regional grids will require energy storage in the form of batteries and other technologies for load continuity. Currently, about 1.2 billion people in emerging economies lack access to electrical power. The World Bank report claims that […]

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